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Tips to Prolong The Life of Makeup Products

Tips to Prolong The Life of Makeup Products

One of the frequent problems when it comes of beauty products is that they might not resist the various external factors as weather conditions as well as storing and might lose their effect before due time. However pro makeup artists are inventive and creative enough to provide you with a few fabulous tricks to prolong the life of makeup products. Whether you long for the old time glam of your lipstick or chic eye shadow, you’ll have the chance to sport them and enjoy the pleasure of wearing them for a longer period from now on. Embrace these practical beauty rituals and make sure you know all that it takes in order to polish and improve your makeup skills. These are some of the basic tricks to consider when handling your makeup products.

Pressed Powder Blush

One of the most common accidents that can happen to our makeup products especially the ones in powder formula is that these break and spill off on our clothes and in the handbags. This besides spoiling the various fabrics can also ruin our makeup investment. Instead of panicking make sure you apply a useful and easy-to-handle trick of makeup gurus. Restore the spotless condition of your powder blush with a drop of alcohol. This will have the power to set the tiny pieces to their place and restore the flawless texture of the product. Use the same trick when you have troubles with eye shadows as this would have the same effect also with bronzers, face powders and also eye shadows.

Tips to Prolong The Life of Makeup Products


One of the revolutionary methods to take full advantage of the use of your favorite bronzer is to use a body lotion to prolong its life. In this case all you have to do is take out that tiny bit of bronzer from the frame and pour it into your favorite moisturizer or body lotion. This way you’ll have the privilege to own a glowing and healthy looking complexion. Moreover you can apply the cool mixture to your cleavage as well as arms and even legs in order to have a natural sun-kissed and uniformly tanned skin shade. Proceed the similar way with bronzers you purchased still these wouldn’t suit your skin tone still you would be sad to ditch it out. Apply this fabulous trick to renew the life of your high quality bronzer. Pair the size of the jar to the amount of eye shadow you have to store.

Tips to Prolong The Life of Makeup Products

Glittery Eye Shadows

Carrying with you all your favorite makeup products might give you many headaches as some can spill out and stain your bags as well as clothes. Eye shadows are even more delicate and fragile therefore some might have experienced these accidents a few times. In order to prevent these makeup blunders why not consider the use of tiny plastic or glass jars that can be secured and properly closed before taking the risk of having eye shadow stored in your bags. Buy these cute storing bottles in your local beauty store. Pour the powder into these in order to make sure you would have the chance to use them until you wish to.

Tips to Prolong The Life of Makeup Products


The texture of lipsticks as well as cream blush are similar. Therefore why not use them for various purposes. If you are tired of your lipstick or can’t get the tiny amount from the bottom of the holder out, make sure you use a Q-tip in order to ease your task. Using a cream blush won’t need extra skills instead consider your complexion tone and pair it with the lipstick shade. The more you practice the beauty ritual the better the result will be. Let yourself be guided by the cold and warm skin color group principles. Explore the benefits of recycling your makeup products and be a real pro in mixing and matching the various shades and textures.

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