Top 10 Traditional Bengali Mehndi Designs for Weddings

In Asian countries girls and women’s decorate their hands and feet with mehndi on any special or auspicious occasion and especially on weddings. Mehndi often termed as henna signifies a beautiful occasion and brings a cute smile on your face when designed on hands. Mehndi is not very popular in Bengali culture but because of influence from northern and western India it has become a trend to apply mehndi in their community also.

Latest and Easy Bengali Mehndi Designs for Hands with Images:

Let’s have a glance at Bengali mehndi designs which is applied on both hands and foots.

1. Peacock Style Bengali Mehandi Design:

bengali mehndi designs

As peacock is known as a beautiful bird and appears exquisite when applied as a mehndi on palms. The peacock feathers decorated with small semi circles and dots extended on the hands highlights this design in a very artistic and pretty way and enhance the look of the palms by many folds.

2. Bridal Bengali Mehndi Designs:

Bridal Bengali Mehndi Designs

This type of bridal Bengali mehndi design appears outstanding and is inspired by ancient temple carvings. On the arms backside big size flowers is designed heading with small lines and curves. Mango leaves designed along with the flower makes the entire bridal design very appealing and makes the bride appear special from others.

3. Cute Bengali Mehndi Design with Vine Theme:

Cute Bengali Mehndi Design with Vine Theme

This type Bengali henna design looks very cute when applied by young girls on their palms. A cute five petal flower designed on the palm and the rest palm filled with curves and small lines. On the fingers vine theme is applied making it appear unique and awesome.

4. Shaded Floral Bengali Mehndi Designs:

Shaded Floral Bengali Mehndi Design

A floral design in Bengali mehndi is very common and popular as resembles like flower, pretty with heavenly looks. The floral designs are generally slanting on hand and it a head’s in intrinsic way from delicate wrist to the finger and looks very trendy.

5. Arabian Style Heavy Look Bengali Mehndi Design:

Arabian Style Heavy Look Bengali Mehndi Design

Mehndi designs are inspired by Arabian countries. This type of design girls love to apply as it gives them a fashionable and appealing looks. On the hands beautiful and intricate small lines and curves is designed with vines pattern on fingers making it appear exclusive type of design.

6. Traditional Bengali Mehendi Design for Foot’s:

Traditional Bengali Mehndi Design for Feet’s

Traditionally in Bengali culture girls apply “alta” which is deep red in colour on their feet and hands also. In olden days and still it is being applied on the edges of the feet along with big circle in the centre of the feet. Now many pretty designs like floral, vine pattern or mango leaves is being designed and it lends you a typical and traditional Bengali look.

7. Simple Bengali Mehndi Design:

Simple Bengali Mehndi Design

This type of mehndi designs are very simple to apply but look great when decorated on palms. Small mango leaves along with leaves is designed giving it pretty and charming look to young girls.

8. Full Hand Bengali Mehndi Design:

Full Hand Bengali Mehndi Design

It’s an amazing appearing mehndi design where both the hands are filled with intricate and thin lines and curves.  This type of design is called full hand and both the hands are decorated with awesome and vibrant design and covering the palms and finger in a beautiful way. This is the best bengali mehndi designs for any occasions.

9. Circular Pattern Bengali Mehndi Design:

Many young girls love to style mehndi in a different and stylish way. So this kind of circular pattern design could be perfect choice for them, as it gives them a cool yet traditional looks also.

10. Mirror Image Bengali Mehndi Design:

Bengali girls and women also love and adorn this type of mirror image mehndi design. Cute hear is designed where in one hand half the image where as on the other palm the next half is designed. So once join a beautiful design is displayed and giving you and your palms a heavenly looks.

Now a day’s decorating hands and feet’s with henna is gaining popularity because of its intricate and fabulous design and it gives a female new looks and a charming personality. For any occasion every female adorn to apply mehndi and get that lovely and beautiful looks. Though mehndi erases away in certain days but women’s and girls’ apply it very graciously on their hands and feet’s also.