Top 5 French Tip Nail Art Designs With Pictures For A Best Manicure

French Nail Tips are increasingly becoming popular day by day, as all the lovely ladies want their nail tips to be designed in various ways. You’re going to be glad to know that you don’t need to spend a lot of money in a parlor to get French Nail Tips. Instead you could just follow a few simple steps and get them on your own, easy and comfortably. The most criteria for making this sort of a design is to have long nails as they looks better on them due to the distinct edges.

Best French Tip Nail Designs At Home:

Let’s the French tip nails designs step by step which really help to do perfect manicure.

White French Tip Nail Art:

White French Tip Nails Art

White French nail tips are most common and most liked. But many of us don’t know that they are the easiest French nail tips to make as well. First cut your nails with a nail cutter to make all the nails shape the same way. Either keep them rectangular or make the edges round. Take gloss nail paint or a light cream color nail paint to make the coat; which would make the nails look a little pinky. If you have a nail guide to stick on the tips that would make your work easier, but don’t worry if you don’t have any. Just take you’re white nail polish and lightly brush the color on the tips of your nails and make it look even on the all the nails and you’re done.

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Black and Red French Tip Nail Art Designs:

french tip nail art designs

Paint the tips of your nails with rich red color gel, the picture below shows that you don’t need a long nail to do this, but still the effect of the nail art would look good on long ones. After you’ve dries the red paint, take thinnest of the brush and color it with black to make the strips just below the red paint and to add to the shine, paint the nails with gloss nail paint. This is enough to give you an elegant looking nail art just as you see in the image.

Black Nail Paint with Colorful Studs on the Tips:

Black Tip Nail Polish Art With Colorful Studs On The Tips

Give your nails, a funky look with, black nail paint and colorful nail studs.  Just color the nails with black as the base and leave it to dry. Take gloss nail paint or a nail glue and apply on the tips. Stick your different colored nail studs one by one and make two complete stripes horizontally. It will make your nails looks just as beautiful as you see in the picture below. Funky and easy aren’t they?

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Violet with Zebra Patterned French Tip Nail Art Designs:

Violet with Zebra Patterned French Tip Nail Art Designs

To make a pretty zebra French nail tip, take a base color for example violet and paint it as base at first. Then paint the tips with white nail paint; and to make the stripes, take black nail paint in a thin brush and make vertical stripes and even make bent lines to make the nail art not look monotonous. You’re almost done; just take five small circular studs of the same color, and stick them in between the two different color patterns of violet and the zebra design.

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White French Tip Nail Art with Pink and Black Border:

White French Tip Nail Art with Pink and Black Border

Follow the steps of white French tips to do the initial part of this nail art. Leave your ring fingers for a different nail design, as we can see that it has an oblique stripe made with pink in the middle and to its left it has black painted and to the right its has zebra stripes. The zebra stripes have been made by giving a base of white of the right side and stripes in black just as we saw in the previous one.  Take pink color on a thin brush and paint a horizontal stripe just below the white tips, and a black stripe below the pink.

Finally, by French tip nails designs you can really get a great look to your nails with simple designs. So try at home the step by step French tip manicure and surprise your friends.