Top 8 Beautiful Braided Ponytails

These days varieties come in different shapes and sizes, in different forms and packages and therefore here is a variation to one of the most common hairstyles ever. Be it a school presentation or an office interview, be it a party look or just a walk in the playground, a ponytail can be used as a go to hairstyle for anyone and everyone but then again we come in different face structures and hair types and therefore along with our variations, our hairstyles vary too.

8 Beautiful Braided Ponytails for Women:

1. The French Infused Pony:

braided ponytails

This is one of the easiest pony braid hairstyle which can be done within five minutes so that you don’t have to spend that extra time in the busy mornings looking for the perfect hair. For this start by tying your hair into a French infused braid from the top and then continue it all the way back to the mid section. Towards the end start tying it into a pony.

2. The Crown Band:

braided ponytails2

This is a hairstyle where the braid is made into a head band. This is a good hairstyle to spice up your everyday pony. Start by sectioning a part of your locks from the front and start tying a braid from one part of the hair. Tie the entire braid and then bring it all the way to the other side and pin it. Pony it up then.

3. The Side Braid Pony:

braided ponytails3

For this hairstyle start by braiding the hair from one side. Part your hair from one side and start braiding them. Now go halfway to the nape of the neck and secure the braid with a few pins. Once your there tie the hair in a pony and start braiding it again. Now bring a hair from the back and wrap it around the pony tie.

4. The Side Braid Variation:

braided ponytails4

This is yet another variation to the side braid where you start by pulling your hair back to a mid pony. Prior to this start a braid on the side and then fan it to add volume to the look. Now once the pony is tied start by braiding a section of your pony but this time make the pony tight and sideways so a new look is created. Keep some loose strands on the front to add some touch to the look.

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5. The Fishtail Pony:

braided ponytails5

Here we start off with a simple pony. Make sure your pony is tight enough to opt for subsidiary braids. Now that your pony is done you have to try for fishtail braid. Start by segmenting the pony in two parts and then take a lock from the extreme end and cross it over to the other side. Do the same with the other lock and simply continue till you reach the desired length.

6. The Inverted Pony:

braided ponytails6

Flip your hair upside down by turning your head upside down. Now start tying a braid, French style from the bottom and leave it midway. You can use pins to secure the look properly and then tie a pony with it. Make sure you have a lose strand of your pony wrap around the tie to hide the tie.

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7. The Flower Braid:


Add a little wave to your hair to add volume to the look by the above flower braid. Now start by loosely tying your hair in a half pony and then loop it. Now start with the normal braiding process and of course be sure to keep it light and loose. Once the braid is done with fan out the braid well to make it leaner. Now roll the braid into a rose bun.

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8. The Double Sided Braid:

braided ponytails8

To start with this hair invert your hair and start braiding it. Once you reach halfway, stop and pin it down. Now start braiding from the front with the front locks and start braiding it halfway. Gather the hair in the middle and then pony it up.