Top 9 Cocktail Hairstyles for Medium Hair

There can be a variety of cocktail hair looks that can be tried out for some glamorous attire that can be sport for parties. These can also be sported for any type of occasions or even the traditional family gatherings. These are easy to re create and are less problematic to sport. These also give a very shiny and the professional celeb feel. A person can also keep various types of frontal fringes which are and many of these can be in the form of clipping which can be easily sport for a different types of hair look for the girls who go to college or schools.

Best Cocktail Hairstyles for Medium Hair:

Below are the top 9 types of cocktail hairstyles that a person should definitely try out.

1. Thick Full Head Look:

Cocktail hairstyles for medium hair

This is a favourite look of many people who do not like Medium lengths.

2. The Party Girl Look:

Braided Bangs Hairstyles5

This can be sported for any type of party. This is also good from those who can do fishtails. This can also be clipped at the side for a more glamorous look. That will also keep a person sweat free. This can also be done for casual days and for day out occasions. This can be sported with nude lips and darker eyes makeup with Smokey effects to give this a more ramp like feel.

3. Loose Front Shifted Look:

Braid Hiarstyles

This is in the line of the middle sectioning. A spray of water from bottled container can be used for making these in an easily manageable pattern which can be made loose like a fish tail. These can be sport for parties and for college days. These are easily done because of that these can be a regular low maintenance look as well. These are symmetric in fashion and these are therefore very casual to sport. These are also easy for setting.

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4. The Ramp High Look:

Side shifted fishtail braid

This is a ramp style look which can be done as a cocktail hair. This is also easy for those who have longer lengths of section. If a person wants they can use clip in extensions for increasing the sections so that these can be temporarily done with some elastics and other accessories. These are also good for parties and for easy wear for daily college or high schools where these can be sport.

5. The Clipped Head Look:

Braided Bangs Hairstyles7

This is a party type look that is also easy to do. This can also be done on medium length sections. A person can sport these for cocktail gatherings as well.

6. The Puffed Back Look:

Cocktail hairstyles for medium hair 6

This is a party type girl look which can be easily done and sport for any form of functions. These are also high on styling and can be done from professional parlours with some cash spending.

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7. The Professional Look:

cocktail hairstyles for medium hair7

This is a very high end look style that is done from professional salons. These can be easily created by using some high end sprays other lotions. The slippery effect can be done with the help of some heat as well or curling. These are easy to sport for occasional gatherings and also for parties.

8. The Casual Girl Look:

Cocktail hairstyles for medium hair 8

This is a casual sided look that can easily sport. This can also be done with some helping hand from some friends. This is also quite easy to sport with almost any form of out fits.

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9. The Stylish Hair Do:

Puffy double sides fishtail braid

This is done on very thick sections. These sections can be done with some sprays which can be applied and also some water in a container may be needed for this.