Top 9 Compass Tattoo Designs With Meanings!

These days the compass designs are getting popular. You can try out various styles of tattoos with these.

Best Compass Tattoo Designs And Pictures:

Below are the top 9 compass tattoo designs With Meanings that you should definitely try out.

1. Outline Dream Catcher Compass Tattoo Design:


This is done in an artistic compass tattoo. This has feathers and this is done very stylishly along with the hand. You can try a similar style and the position is you are comfortable with this sporting ability. You can also hide these easily with some makeup. These are done in pencil border style. This can be done with some other color that you are comfortable for this position. You can also use associated patterns to this. This is very creative. You can custom make something like this with other artistic shading styles and colors. It is one of the best compass tattoo designs for women.

2. Colourful Waves And Nautical Star Compass Tattoo Design:

Compass Tattoo 2

These compass stars have been done with a lot of colors. You can do similar styles and have various colors and you can do these on all over your hands. You can add wave style in shadowed and 3D effect to create something like this. This gives this a watery effect. You can ad writings to these. You can also extend these to the shoulders and then to the back of your whole body easily.

3. Ancient Pencil Style Compass Tattoo Design:

Compass Tattoo 7

This is done in an ancient pencil style design. You can try out these disjointed formats with other colors. Though black is mostly the colour that is used for this. The sides are kept disjointed and the colouring has been done in a scrapped effect. This gives it the style of old papers. Therefore this gives a very old type of effect. You can try out these effects on your designs.

4. Floral Pattern Compass Tattoo Design:

Compass Tattoo 8

This design has been done on the hands. You can try out something like this in different colors. You can give it other associated shapes and you can also use floral patterns if you want to make this appear more girl type. This depends on what you want to get in a customized format. Your artist can guide you as regards this. You can also custom choose the position and colors of this.

5. Floral Prints Compass Tattoo Design:


This is an artistic design that you can do on your wrist. You can try out similar styles and you can also add more patterns or floral prints to these. You can use some 3D effect to these. These are very embossed and these should be done from professional artists. This is one of the best compass tattoo designs for men.

6. Unique Rose Compass Tattoo Design:

Compass Tattoo 6

You can try out whole back colorful designs like this. This is quite artistic. This has been teamed up with the arrows that have been done in floral patterns. This can be done with other colors of your choice.

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7. 3D Compass Tattoo Design:

Compass Tattoo 3

This compass design has been done with some 3D effect. You can get these custom made with the choice of colors that you want to use on these from some professional artist. You can give the inner decorations also something of a customized effect. You can try these out easily.

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8. Nice Nautical Compass Tattoo Design:

Compass Tattoo 4

You can try out colourful designs like this. This does not have any writings. You can, however, use the writings to these. These also have a very embossed effect and this has the top in a decorative pattern. You can try out something similar.

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9. Compass Tattoo Design For Upper Hand:

Compass Tattoo 1

You can try out a compass tattoo like this on the inner side of the upper hand. You can also give any writing or other styles to this. You should do this from a professional artist. You can custom recreate this with colours that you are comfortable sporting. It is one of the best compass tattoo designs for girls.