Top 9 Everyday Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Whether you’re a school girl or a working woman, you have to maintain a unique hairstyle. You cannot do magnificent braids or victory rolls for a normal day as naturally you’ll not get sufficient time.

Everyday Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Medium length or shoulder length hair can be styled in numerous ways for giving you that casual everyday look. These hairstyles are simple and beautiful at the same time. Below are some of the best everyday hairstyles for medium hair.

Everyday Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Images:

1. The Simple Bun:

Everyday Hairstyles for Medium Hair 1

You just need 5 minutes to style this look. This is the simplest of all everyday hairstyles. For obtaining this look, you will have to pull the hair as if you’re doing a low ponytail. Then put it behind your ear and establish it with a flexible band. Simple!

2. Quick And Simple Up do:

Everyday Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2

Stylists have decided to un complicate the updo hairstyle and give it a casual touch so that women can wear it day in day out. In this look then hair is put together at the back where it is established to form an updo. Women with medium length hair can wear this look without any trouble.

3. Puff:

Everyday Hairstyles for Medium Hair 3

This is an easy Asian hairstyle. It can be obtained in the following way. First pull and brush the whole hair backwards secure it with your hands. Then twist the front portion of the hair and twist. By taking the twisted portion to the front, a puff will be formed. Women with heart-shaped faces can sport this look.

4. Twisted High Bun:

Everyday Hairstyles for Medium Hair 4

So far, this is one of the coolest looks for round faced women with medium hair. It will provide the hair with additional volume as you twist this bun upwards. The bun will take a crown-like structure. You can use a number of crystal pins to enhance the beauty of this hairstyle.

5. Neat Updo:

Everyday Hairstyles for Medium Hair 5

This tidy hairstyle can be worn every day. Here the hair looks well maintained and nourished. At weddings, the bride often sports this look. If you have chocolate color hair then it will be an advantage for you while styling this look.

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6. Side Parted Wavy Hairstyle:

Everyday Hairstyles for Medium Hair 6

The wavy side-parted look is the perfect hairstyle if you’re willing to wear it every day. The hair is asymmetrically parted, so one part looks a bit more voluminous than the other. The hair is wavy in the middle toward the neck and curled at the bottom.

7. Straight Long Bob:

Everyday Hairstyles for Medium Hair 7

The straightened long bob looks very cute on oblong faces. This is an office look for women with medium length hair. Wear this hairstyle to impress everyone on the first day.

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8. The Voluminous Ponytail:

Everyday Hairstyles for Medium Hair 8

If you have thick and voluminous medium length hair then you can carry this ponytail hairstyle easily. This everyday hairstyle is a simple look which can be attained by pulling the hair from the front and tying it at the back with the help of a plastic band. You can use a roller to add curls to the hair.

9. Middle Parted Wavy Hairstyle:

Everyday Hairstyles for Medium Hair 9

This is one of the best hairstyles for having the casual everyday look. The medium hair is equally divided by parting the hair at the middle. Naturally wavy hair will be the best component for obtaining this look. Use a headband to finish off the look.

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