Top 9 Hairstyles For Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is that time of the year when you really do not want to fuss around. Moreover due to hormonal changes in your body, that mass of your hair on your head looks like it belongs to someone else. So read on to find some of the best hairstyles for pregnant ladies that will not only make you look great but will also make your hair way more manageable than what it presently is.

Simple and Easy Hairstyles For Pregnant Woman:

1. Wraparound Ponytail:

pregnancy hairstyles

They look great and also keep all the unnecessary hair away from your face! Just let some strands loose and tie a ponytail and then wrap these loose strands around your ponytail to get the desired look.

2. Tousled Waves:

Hairstyles For Pregnant Woman - Tousled Waves

Not only is it easy to achieve but also makes you look great when expecting. Just rub some hair gel onto your palms and rub your hands through the length of your hair, from down to up and as you go up, fluff your hair a little.

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3. Topknot:

Hairstyles For Pregnant Woman - Topknot

This amazing hairstyle is easy to tie and also people do not really get to know how fast you are losing the volume of your tresses! (c’mon, we all have hair fall when we expect. Thanks to the irrational pregnancy hormones). To get the desired look, just pull all your hair up in a ponytail and twist it like a bun. This looks neat and also keeps your hair tied for a longer duration.

4. A simple Straight Bob Cut:

If your have had straight hair all your life, pregnancy is the best time to flaunt it. It is one of the best pregnancy haircuts as your hair ends up just a little below your chin. Which mean, no more worrying about fussy and messy hair.

5. A Layered Bob:

Hairstyles For Pregnant Woman - A Layered Bob

It is also a great haircut during pregnancy! if you do not have good straight hair, you could opt for a layered bob because that will add more volume to your hair and make it look fluffy and voluminous.

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6. Fringes With Side Parting:

Hairstyles For Pregnant Woman - Fringes With Side Parting

This hairstyle is also in vogue and it makes your face look fuller. This way, you can escape attracting people’s attention to all the morning sickness and puking that you have lately been having. Keep the fringes short to keep them from falling in your eyes and make life tougher.

7. Milkmaid Hair Braid:

Hairstyles For Pregnant Woman - Milkmaid Hair Braid

This is a very simple hairstyle that you can do for yourself in like a quarter of an hour. It looks very vintage and exquisite, more so, when you happen to be expecting. Flaunt this hairstyle and your baby bump in style!

8. A Messy Side Bun :

This is an ideal pregnancy hairstyles for all those days when you feel too lazy to wash or brush your hair. Side buns are chic and offer an easy way for maintenance of long hair. It is not even time consuming. This add more brownie points to this hair. If you want to go to the beach to get some sun or want to just lay around the house, this hairstyle is the perfect compliment.

9. The Zigzag Style:

Hairstyles For Pregnant Woman - The Zigzag Style

Lastly, for all those ladies out there who do not wish to cut your hair during pregnancy yet want to flaunt all that they have in sheer style then opt for a zigzag part. Women with light curls in their hair can naturally carry this off beautifully and for the ladies with long, straight hair, a zigzag part will not make your hair roots visible and will thus make your hair more voluminous and all a natural lift to it.

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Pregnancy is a tough enough time already without fussing yourself with hairstyles and challenging yourself to look good. Check out these super easy and best hairstyles for pregnant ladies. These surely won’t take much of your energy and time.