Top 9 Hairstyles for Round Faces Over 50

Age can never in between you and fashion. It doesn’t matter even you are 50 years old. You can still style your hair in the desired way. You will find tons of hairstyles available right now, which will be suitable for you. However, all of them might not suit your face. There are some hairstyles, which are intended to make you look much younger. Below are some of the best hairstyles for round faces over 50.

9 Best Hairstyles For Round Faces:

1. Medium Shoulder Length Hairstyles:

hairstyles for round faces over 50

This can be said to the perfect hairstyles for women who age over 50. Here the hair is equally divided down the middle. On the side, the hair covers the cheeks and the ears. It only exposes a little part of the forehead thus adjusting the face frame. Women with round faces can sport this look proudly.

2. Shaggy Hairstyles With Bangs For Round Faces:

Hairstyles for Round Faces Over 50 2

This is a rather shaggy look compared to the previous ones. Here the fringe cut hair hides the forehead completely and conceals the roundness of the face. Old women often carry this look as it can be styled and maintained easily. The asymmetrically parted hair is very well layered as well.

3. Curly Shoulder Length Hairstyle:

Hairstyles for Round Faces Over 50 3

Old women with naturally curly hair will rock this look. Here the whole hair is very well curled and remains bouncy. It extends over the shoulders and hangs over the sides. These are by far the coolest hairstyles for women exceeding 50. It will provide you with a classy and sophisticated look.

4. The Energetic Pixie:

Hairstyles for Round Faces Over 50 4

Women with round faces can carry this pixie Here the hair is short and gives you a boyish and playful look. This modern pixie looks great on good-looking matured women with round faces. It will modify the roundness of the face and make it look oblong.

5. Vintage Side-Swept Bangs:

Hairstyles for Round Faces Over 50 5

This haircut will make you feel as if you’re just twenty-five. The asymmetrically parted hair kept loose to form a fringe on the front. The side-swept fringe makes the look even more appealing. The shoulder-length hair takes a wavy turn at the bottom. You can wear suitable accessories to magnify the glamour of this hairstyle.

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6. Very Short Pixie For Women Over 50:

Hairstyles for Round Faces Over 50 6

In this pixie haircut, the front the hair is extremely short. The hair does not lie over the forehead. It reveals your face wide open. The hair is not too long at the back as well. Many popular celebrities have carried this look.

7. The Paradigmatic Blonde Bob:

Hairstyles for Round Faces Over 50 7

Women, who are over 50 years old and have blonde hair, can carry this look without many hassles. This classic look includes short hair, which goes to the shoulders and lies a bit over the forehead. This look is easily attainable and a satisfactory look, if you like to haven’t run out of fashion yet.

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8. Silver Fox:


This is a creative look which requires blonde hair. The hairstyle takes the golden colored hairstyles to a whole new level. The hair forms a bang on the front and veil the forehead from exposure. You can wear a cute dress with this hairstyle if you’re willing to look young though aging more than fifty years old.

9. Short Curly Hairstyle For Women Over 50:

Hairstyles for Round Faces Over 50 9

This short curly hairstyle is different from all other hairstyles. If you have natural curly hair, then you can easily obtain this look. The curly hair is not equally divided, and it falls on the sides which make it look very attractive.

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