Top 9 Nail Art Tattoo Designs

There are various types of tattoos that are used on the nails these days. These are also a fashion trend to use decals and different types of stickers for the nails. Therefore if you want then you can easily decorate the normal polish with these things that you can easily get from the deco stores. They also supply various types of material stones which can also be used to adorn the hands. You can try buying black or other outline border decals and you can also buy various different floral or other designs to use them accordingly to the choice of the base colour of polish that you are wearing.

Best Nail Tattoo Designs:

Below are the top 9 types of nail tattoo designs that you can easily buy from nail art stores.

1. Golden Decals Nail Tattoo Designs:

nail tattoo designs

Golden decals tattoos are quite popular these days. These are mostly used for parties. If you are wearing any pastel shade base paint then you should definitely try buying some of these. These are mostly taken out from the sheet with the help of water and then you can put them on a dried base color of your choice. These can be teamed with party dresses, sarees and other outfits.

2. Stones Nail Tattoo Designs:

Nail Art Tattoo 2

This is another type of teaming up of nail decals with stones and also you can buy these golden gel decals which are quite popular. These can be used on a single nail and you can use stones for the others to make a combination of various deco materials.

3. Trendy Nail Tattoo Designs:

Nail Art Tattoo 3

These are trendy tattoos that you can buy from deco supplies. You can use these by either taking them out of sticker sheets or you can also use them with water. It depends on the type of sticker you are buying. You can use them on matte base and use a top coat to seal them.

4. Floral Stickers Nail Tattoo Designs:

Nail Art Tattoo 4

These are floral stickers and you can use them at the sides. These are quite trendy and very girly. You can wear them with pastel shade outfits and you will not have to do any freehand painting to get these done. These are therefore very easy to use.

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5. Ceramic Stickers Nail Tattoo Designs:

Nail Art Tattoo 5

You can try out gel or ceramic stickers like this. You can team these up with loose coloured glitters and you can also use these with stones. These are properly worn with party get-ups.

6. Geometric Nail Tattoo Designs:

Nail Art Tattoo 6

These are geometric tattoos that you can try out. These are used in various colors. These are also available in various shades and also golden hues. Therefore these can be with party dresses.

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7. Symmetric Nail Tattoo Designs:

Nail Art Tattoo 7

These are another type of nail deco that you can use on your hands. You can use a darker base to make this look more prominent. You can also use stones or use some dots with dotting tools of various shapes in symmetric design.

8. Small Nail Tattoo Designs:

Nail Art Tattoo 8

You can buy small designs like a heart or flower from various shops. These can be worn with various coloured polishes. You can also use floral designs and these make arts very easy to create as you do not have to spend time to make designs with drawing tools.

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9. Floral Nail Tattoo Designs:

Nail Art Tattoo 9

These floral tattoos are very creative to look at. You can use darker base colours and then use these types of nail sticks and then use a topcoat. These can be worn for summers and also you can wear these to your school or colleges. You can buy these from nearest shops easily.