Top 9 Raven Tattoo Designs With Meanings

These days the Raven and crow tattoos are gaining more and more popularity. These are quite artistic and are often combined with other types of patterns like all Seeing Eye or the skull. For girls getting these types of designs done, these can be made more artistic with associated flower designs like the picture below. You can also try out various other forms of styles with which you can combine colors as per your choice and then you can get this in a customized format. This may take more sessions at the parlour and also you should be careful that these are often done in very dark colors and therefore if the design is not properly drawn or inked then this can be a problem if you want to remove it.

Often traces of dark colors leave patches of inks and then you may have to do a cover-up design to camouflage that. You will also have to know that these are very artistic and therefore should be done from professional artists. You can ask for stencil drawings and then modify or ask to modify or recreate these styles in your own fashion. You will have to shell out extra money to get something custom suited to your tastes. You can also extend these later on with floral prints or tribal prints and also these can be modified with other fonts or patterns if you are looking to get something large scale done. So these considerations should be in your mind when you want something like this.

Best Raven Tattoo Designs And Pictures:

Below are the top 9 Raven tattoo designs and images that you should definitely try out.

1. Artistic Raven Tattoo Design:

raven tattoo

This is a colorful and very artistic raven tattoo. This can be done easily and sported by girls easily. You can do any type of floral designs along with this. This is also very girl type and any girl can get this done.

2. Crow On Tree Raven Tattoo Design:

Raven Tattoo Designs2

This is a raven tattoo on a branch. You can try out these types of easy designs and these are also quite artistic. You can also extend these patterns with other associated designs of other birds, trees, etc.

3. Crow On Branch Raven Tattoo Design:

Raven Tattoo Designs3

This is a raven done on a branch but here this is done in a different color. It is, therefore, your personal comfortability according to which you can choose the color of the bird. This can be done by a professional artist.

4. Witch Raven Tattoo Design:

Raven Tattoo Designs4

This is a very creative raven tattoo. You can do similar styles as these are easy to sport and also very creative. This can be easily sported by you if you are a girl. You can also add other colors to this. It is one of the best raven tattoo designs for women.

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5. Raven Tattoo Design On Back:

Raven Tattoo Designs5

This is a raven design that has been done on the back. You can add more flowers to this and also this can be an extension of your flower designs.

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6. Eagle Raven Tattoo Design:

Raven Tattoo Designs6

If large scale designs are not what you want to do, then you can do this type of design.

7. Superb Crow And Raven Tattoo Design:

Raven Tattoo Designs7

This is a very girl type and also artistic design that you can try out. These should be done by professional artists and you can also extend these later with other patterns.

8. Raven Tattoo Design On Shoulder:

Raven Tattoo Designs8

This is a shoulder design that you can try out. This raven tattoo is quite artistic and should be done by a professional expert.

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9. Masonic Raven Tattoo Design:

Raven Tattoo Designs9

This is a Masonic raven tattoo that you can easily try out. This has the all-seeing eye and is quite creative and colourful. This is one of the best raven tattoo designs for men.