Top 9 Strawberry Tattoo Images, Designs And Meaning

Well, who doesn’t like bright red and lusciously heart shaped strawberries? Strawberries symbolize love, romance and passion. Strawberry type shaped tattoos are quite popular these days, especially with women because of their bright red color. If you are planning on something cute and feminine, you can consider strawberry tattoo designs to get etched on your body. Plus, these tattoos are so versatile.

Best Tattoos of Strawberries For Men and Women:

Let’s see top 9 strawberry tattoos to help choose the one for you,

1. Strawberry and Vine Tattoo:

Strawberry and Vine Tattoo

This tattoo looks extremely beautiful and indicates a vibrant and high-spirited personality of the bearer. The vines state wildness and vigor with inner innocence. Overall, it makes a good tattoo to opt for.

2. Double Strawberry Tattoo:

Double Strawberry Tattoo

This double strawberry tattoo meaning declaration or confession of love is a great love themed tattoo. This one is a great choice for lovers in tattoo collection; both of the partners can get it on their bodies as a mark of their love and romance. You will get good comments for this selection.

3. Angel Winged Strawberry Tattoo:

Angel Winged Strawberry Tattoo

A small strawberry tattoo like this one gives an idea of a healthy relationship and beautiful romance. The wings say that the bearer is enjoying being in love, and is looking forward to upcoming events with their partner.

4. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Tattoo:

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Tattoo

This tattoo design in chocolate dip speaks volumes about the bearer’s strong and sensual appeal. If you are passionate about love or other attachments in life, you can consider this tattoo. Some tattoos define the darkness of your thoughts, chocolate dipped pattern in strawberry tattoos always one of the nice design.

5. Melting Strawberry Tattoo:

Melting Strawberry Tattoo

The above tattoo is a great option for the ladies out there who want to get tattooed. It gives out positive vibes and a simplistic yet charming appeal. Plus it stands out as a tattoo design and on the body of the bearer.

6. Strawberry Cupcake Tattoo:

Strawberry Cupcake Tattoo

Another tattoo option for ladies is this cute strawberry tattoo image with a cupcake. It indicates a bubbly personality and optimistic outlook on life. Other red variants of bright red can be chosen and experimented with red colour in this tattoo.

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7. Strawberry Heart Tattoo:

Strawberry Heart Tattoo

Getting a strawberry heart tattoo like this one is a cool tattoo idea because of the resemblance with heart. It is simply a design you can’t get your eyes off. We love such tattoos and hope you will too.

8. Black and White Strawberry Tattoo:

Black and White Strawberry Tattoo

Now your tattoo needn’t be bright red to be attractive. It can be plain black and white too and still get you compliments. This black and white strawberry tattoo looks cute and simple, if you want nothing fancy.

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9. Katy Perry Strawberry Tattoo:

Katy Perry Strawberry Tattoo

This Katy Perry strawberry tattoo has been inspired by one of her tattoos, which she got as a reminder of her success on her album “One of the Boys”. If you are planning on a funky small tattoo design or a big fan of Kate Perry you can consider this smiling tattoo.

Strawberry tattoos are in demand with ladies like other popular ones. They can never lose their charm or uniqueness because of the universal appeal. Strawberries are super foods and when combined with wine produce a great taste. Maybe that’s why they stand for passion and love. Such type of tattoos are simple to make and meaningful too. Strawberry pattern tattoos will immediately catch anyone’s attention too, like the fruit itself.

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