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What the Perfect Body Looks Like According to Men and Women

What the Perfect Body Looks Like According to Men and Women

Men’s idea of the perfect female body and women’s idea of the perfect male body are quite different, according to a new survey conducted by UK lingerie manufacturer Bluebella. 

The company asked 500 men and 500 women to describe their idea of the perfect body for both genders by using celebrity features. Though there were notable differences between both genders’ idea of what the perfect body is, the biggest discrepancies were between the notions of what is the perfect female body.

The women surveyed chose a significantly slimmer figure than the men interviewed. Women’s idea of the perfect body was fairly similar to a slim model’s figure and included many features from some of the most influential style icons of today. 

The answer to the question ‘what do men want in a woman’s body?‘ revealed a preference for a curvier figure overall.

What the Perfect Body Looks Like According to Men and Women

The biggest difference was when it came to choosing the perfect breasts. Women wanted Jennifer Aniston’s perky yet average sized breasts, while men preferred Kim Kardashian’s more generous bust. Another key difference between the two ideals of the perfect woman’s body was the age of the celebrities included. While women chose features from female celebs of different ages, the men surveyed preferred younger celebrities.

When it came to choosing the perfect male body features, the preferences seemed to be more uniform, with smaller discrepancies. Once again, a toned chiseled body was preferred by both sexes. The main difference here also came in terms of size. If men’s idea of a perfect torso proved to be on the bulkier side, women’s idea of a perfect sculpted torso proved to be a less buff but still toned physique.

What the Perfect Body Looks Like According to Men and Women

Differences in perception aside, the survey seemed to reveal that the idea of the ‘perfect body’ is largely shaped by the models presented in the media, in the case of both genders.

What do you think of these depictions of the ‘perfect body’? Do you agree?

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