Worst Makeup Habits and How to Break Them

Worst Makeup Habits and How to Break Them

Whether it’s because you’re often in a hurry or simply don’t know the consequences of bad makeup habits, you might be letting them influence your health and looks. Fight the worst makeup habits and discover fast ways to break them.

Worst Makeup Habits and How to Break Them

Worst Makeup Habits: Leaving Makeup On Overnight

No matter how tired you are, you shouldn’t go to bed without removing your makeup first, especially if you’ll apply it again the next morning. Makeup can get onto your pillow and from there it can irritate your skin as you rub the side of your face against it.

Buy some good makeup removal wipes right now and instead of taking your time in front of the mirror for the removal process, you can simply reach for a wipe and be done in seconds.

Worst Makeup Habits: Ignoring the Proper Hygiene for Your Makeup Kit

When not properly cared for, your makeup kit can quickly turn into a danger to your skin. Brushes are especially tricky, since they not only put makeup on your face, but also collect dead skin cells, the perfect medium for bacteria.

Makeup brushes that your use every day should be washed with soap and warm water at least once a month. For a quicker solution, you can also use a special makeup brush cleanser spray to avoid one of the most dangerous makeup habits.

Worst Makeup Habits and How to Break Them

Worst Makeup Habits: Misusing the Pencil Eyeliner

Using a pencil eyeliner on the rims of your eyelids makes for a hot look, but if you don’t use it right, you’re exposing yourself to eye infections. If you’re dead set on using a pencil, make sure its tip is soft and clean and won’t break your gentle skin.

An alternative solution involves investing in a flat eyeliner brush that helps you get the same look with less risk.

Worst Makeup Habits: Ignoring Sunscreen

Protecting your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays should be a daily habit in your makeup routine. The easiest way to make sure you’re protected without messing up your makeup is to use a good moisturizer before applying primer or foundation. Look for products with a SPF of 15 to 30 or even higher if you have fair skin and don’t skip it.

Worst Makeup Habits: Exfoliating Too Much or Too Often

Over-exfoliating can leave your face red and exposed. Don’t use scrubs with sugar, coffee grounds or baking soda more than once a week or your skin might suffer. For daily use, look for an exfoliating moisturizer that contains either glycolic or malic acid and works in a gentler way, unlike homemade scrubs.

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