10 Pictures of Amber Heard without Makeup

Amber Heard, from Austin, Texas is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood right now. This blonde has worked with some of the best ones in thus industry and has made for herself in this world of allure and lights. She has hot a really sweet face, which doesn’t seem to leave your mind easily. In this article, we will be discussing about some of the best moments of Amber Heard, when she was spotted without wearing any makeup at all. Here are some of the best (top10) without makeup pictures of Amber Heard.

1. The Divine Hairstyle:

Amber Heard without makeup1

Amber Heard has naturally beautiful hair and she was probably born with it. Her hair makes her look more attractive and beautiful. It suits her face perfectly and this is why, this makeup-free picture can be said to be one of the finest Amber Heard without makeup pictures ever.

2. Happy Mornings :


Anyone will have a great morning after they get to see Amber’s naturally beautiful face at the start of the day. This picture of Amber is so impressive that anyone will surely fall in love with her natural beauty. By, showing off her casual lifestyle and zero dependence on beauty products, Amber becomes much more than any other female in Hollywood who is just about style and makeup.

3. Snapped While Driving:

Amber Heard without makeup3

In this picture of Amber, we can see her real beauty. She reveals hr naturally beautiful face as she appears a little tired. Even though she is a bit exhausted, she still manages to look quite attractive and give the camera lens a carefree look. It is one of the best Amber Heard no makeup pictures.

4. Morning Walks:

Amber Heard without makeup4

Amber is often spotted on the streets displaying her natural beauty. This picture is nothing different. It was taken, while amber was heading for her car and going out for a quick drive by. This picture reveals the totally natural beautiful of Amber.

5. The  Brunette Look :

Amber Heard without makeup2

Amber was spotted sporting her naturally alluring face in the day light along with her brown dyed hair. She has the perfectly toned face that will melt hearts and her carefree hairstyle makes her look a lot pretty than she is.

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6. Another Day in LA:

Amber Heard without makeup6

This picture of Amber was taken, while she was going to visit her patent coffee shop along with her dog after she finished some shopping. In this picture of her, we can carefully examine the actual beauty of Amber. Her skin is totally flawless and that is why this woman doesn’t have to depend on mascara.

7. Spotted While Shopping:

Amber Heard without makeup7

Here we have another beautiful picture of Amber without any makeup at all. She was spotted sporting a casual sense of clothing and her natural beauty appeared to stick to her face all the time. Whenever she is off-screen, she likes to keep a low profile.

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8. Keeping Up with The Hipster Lifestyle:

Amber Heard without makeup8

Amber Heard is probably one of the most naturally beautiful actresses in Hollywood. She likes to show her natural beauty a lot and is confident enough that her fans will like her natural side a lot more than what they seen on-screen.

9. Amber and Dave:


Amber was snapped hanging out with Dave Franco. Amber seemed to be very natural. This is one of the reasons why people should be looking for more Amber heard without make up pictures rather than Amber Heard makeup pictures.

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10. Rocking The Monday Mornings:


Amber Head was spotted rocking the typical Monday mornings in style. This is one of the most popular without-makeup pictures of Amber Heard, which clearly show how beautiful this woman is.

Amber Heard is probably one of the finest looking woman on the planet. She can look absolutely stunning without even trying as she is blessed with immense natural beauty.