10 Pictures of Amisha Patel without Makeup

She has participated in the blockbuster film “Kaho Na Pyaar Hai” and from that time she is the pearl of everyone’s eyes. She is one of the most beautiful looking actresses in Bollywood, a model, a businesswoman, etc. She is Amisha Patel. Amisha has also a good amount of experience in the Telegu film industry and can be said to be really successful from a very young age. At present this actress is 39years old but still looks like she is below 25. How? All credit goes to her gifted alluring face, which doesn’t need makeup to be styled.

1. Keeping The Traditional Look:

amisha patel without makeup

Amisha is a very disciplined woman and even though she has worked in this industry of fame and betrayal for quite some time, she hasn’t changed a bit. She is still that authentic and unique Indian girl, who likes to stay simple and totally natural, at least most of the time.

2. With and without Makeup Amisha:

Amisha Patel without makeup2

This is a really cool picture of Amisha, which shows her with as well as without-makeup face. She looks almost the same in both them and can easily be identified. It’s not that, makeup makes her a totally different looking person.

3. The Minimalistic Beauty:

Amisha Patel without makeup3

This is one of the many snaps from a photo shoot totally based on Amisah’s natural beauty. Amisha looked extremely attractive in this picture. She was proudly sporting her naturally alluring face along with her stylish looks. This is one of the best Amisha Patel without make up pictures ever.

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4. Working Out:

Amisha Patel without makeup4

Amisha looks really gorgeous in this without-makeup picture of her, where she look really beautiful. This was taken at a gym in which she was training temporarily for her upcoming movie.

5. The Casual Allure:

Amisha Patel without makeup5

Who said a woman cannot look attractive wearing casual clothes? Look at Amisha. She is the the perfect example. This Bollywood beauty can literally wear anything and look really beautiful. She is one of the most beautiful women out there probably and looks fine without sporting any makeup at all.

6. Hard Work!

Amisha Patel without makeup6

This is yet another picture of Amisha from the gym. It is a really good picture which shows off the natural beauty of this actress as nobody wears makeup to the gym. One can clearly say that, Amisha looks fine without even sporting a bit of makeup on her face. This is probably one of the best pictures of Amisha Patel without makeup.

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7. Morning Yoga:

Amisha Patel without makeup7

The all-time beautiful Amisha Patel was snapped while doing her morning yoga. This picture was also part of a photo shoot for fitness magazine for woman. Amisha looks really attractive in this particular meditation pose and steals the attention.

8. The Theatre Picture:

Amisha Patel without makeup8

The extremely sweet Amisha Patel was spotted at the PVR cinemas. She was sporting her totally natural face that day and was looking quite attractive. This woman probably requires very less makeup or even no makeup to look alluring.

9. Clicked at Toy Shop:


Amisha Patel was spotted at the toy shop and she was clicked quite beautifully. She is probably one of the most beautiful women in the Indian film industry.

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10. In Airport:

Amisha Patel without makeup10

This is Amisha’s casuals look. She looks really beautiful here and looks fine without even wearing any kind of beauty product on her face. She displays her naturally awesome smile and that is the prime attraction.

Amisha Patel is probably one of the most innocent looking actresses in the Indian film industry. She has got an awesome smile along with a cute face and natural beauty is her biggest advantage for attracting people. The above discussed images justify this fact and make Amisha one of the most naturally alluring Indian ladies ever.