10 Pictures of Kate Beckinsale without Makeup

This extremely well known Hollywood celebrity is a diva in today’s acting industry and actually swayed the hearts of both men and women all around the world with the many roles that she has played over her very prosperous career. It is actually seen that people who choose to be better role models to the world and dedicate themselves to making a difference along with putting all their time and energy into their work are the people that actually make it in life.

Offset Sophistication:

Kate Bekingsale without makeup 1

This picture taken off set of Kate Beckinsale no makeup is one of the most resounding pictures when it comes to Kate’s beauty because Kate is a very naturally beautiful lady that actually stands as an idol to millions of women around the world.

No Makeup Selfie:

Kate Bekingsale without makeup 2

This no makeup selfie of Kate Beckinsale without makeup is a picture that she took for personal memory but like every celebrity her pictures spread like wildfire on the internet under the quotes of ‘no makeup selfie’.

Day Outlook:

Kate Bekingsale without makeup 3

Kate Beckinsale pictures without makeup loves to sport casual wear because it makes her feel much more comfortable with her body and this picture is the proof of this fact because it shows Kate enjoying her day out without any prior complications.

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The Minimalist:

Kate Bekingsale without makeup 4

Kate is not like every other celebrity and loves to enjoy the minimalist look which is a look that only supports the least amount of makeup. Maybe a mascara and lipstick is all this actress needs for dire situations.

Soft no Makeup Look:

On the set of 'Absolutely Anything'

This no Kate Beckinsale makeup look adopts the soft side of Kate as she touché a more feminine note that makes every man’s heart skip a beat and as you noticed there is absolutely just a touch of makeup on her face.

Camera Still:

Kate Bekingsale without makeup 6

This picture taken of Kate was another picture that spread like wildfire because it shows how naturally beautiful and camera friendly this amazing actress actually is.

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Straight from a Movie:

Kate Bekingsale without makeup 7

This picture was taken of Kate while she was on set for a movie that she was a part off. You can see that her stylist just used very minimal makeup to show off this woman’s looks on the highest scale.

Yet Another Taken off Set:

Kate Bekingsale without makeup 8

Kate has very openly said that she would rather lead a healthy life and stay beautiful than use cosmetics on her body only to damage it in the long run. Though a certain amount of makeup is used on every actor and actress when gong on screen, for Kate it is a very trivial amount.

No Makeup Photo Shoot:

Kate Bekingsale without makeup 9

Kate is a person who has become a role model to women everywhere because she has adopted her natural looks rather using cosmetics to make herself look good. Whether on screen or off screen Kate has always been a person who has adopted her natural looks and this is not in vain because she is one of the most beautiful ladies to actually be a part of the Hollywood industry.

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Radiant Smile:


Kate is known for her smile as well, which the perfect addition to her already perfect features.

The internet is the best place to actually see for you in regards to the beauty that Kate Beckinsale actually radiates even on camera. You can see that she is a very naturally beautiful lady even on camera and loves to flaunt her natural beauty so that the world sees and gets inspired by the fact that a lady so high up in the industry is actually so down to earth.