10 Trending Valeria Lukyanova No Makeup Looks

The impossible and unnatural beauty, looks and prettiness, if embodied in a human being, then the result is Valeria Lukyanova. Popularly known as ‘human Barbie,’ Valeria is a Ukrainian model and entertainer, who is famous all across the globe for her beauty and gorgeous looks. Her slender body, with green/grey eyes, resembles closely to Barbie Doll, for which she has become famous. But did see Valeria Lukyanova no makeup looks?

As much as she is beautiful on-screen with her top-class looks and edgy styles, her real-life and raw looks are in secrecy from long. But here we caught some candid and unfiltered glimpses of this beauty you may want to see!

10 Latest Valeria Lukyanova Without Makeup Pics:

These 10 Valeria Lukyanova without makeup images are quite shocking and are taking down the internet. This model and diva real life no makeup looks are not like you have imagined.

1. Lazy on Bed:

Valeria Lukyanova Without Makeup 1

Our Barbie doll needs rest too. Here is the real-life picture of Valeria Lukyanova without makeup while taking rest after a long tiring day. She is taking a selfie and has posted herself on social media to entertain her followers. Valeria is quite regular with her social media accounts and loves posting her real-life updates. This one is such. She is seen wearing no makeup at all, with a bare face altogether. But she still looks quite beautiful, isn’t she?

2. With the Skincare Routine:

Valeria Lukyanova Without Makeup 2

As much as she looks lovely and like a doll in real life, where do you think it comes from? It requires excellent care towards one’s skin and eating clean always. Here is one such picture posted by Valeria herself on Instagram. This no makeup look is seen while doing her routine, applying scrubbing mask during her relaxation time. She is pampering herself and yet looks extremely pretty.

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3. Work Out Time:

Valeria Lukyanova Without Makeup 3

Not just with her beauty, did you notice how beautiful the diva looks? Valeria Lukyanova loves working out and is a fitness freak. Besides her slender body type, she makes sure that she works out every day to maintain her muscles and form. She is extremely cautious with her own body, and we quite love the way she looks. She totally inspires us; what do you think?!

4. Motivating Followers:

Valeria Lukyanova Without Makeup 4

Here is another picture of Valeria Lukyanova no makeup. This image is posted by herself and is seen motivating her followers to live clean, eat healthily and work out daily. She is seen explaining the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise in one’s life in this social media post. We can understand that she is genuinely an influencer, not just looks for herself and beauty, but also motivates others to achieve their goals.

5. Fitness Freak:

Valeria Lukyanova Without Makeup 5

Here comes another picture of Valeria Lukyanova no makeup real life look. In this picture, she is clicked doing her morning stretches at her own home, warming up before she hits her daily work out time. We love the way she looks without makeup too, with tiny yet beautiful eyes, slender and muscly body and beautiful smile.

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6. Selfie Queen:

Valeria Lukyanova Without Makeup 6

While we have seen the Valeria Lukyanova without makeup pictures, here is the image, selfie taken by the doll herself with a bit of makeup. Did you notice any difference from the earlier pictures to the present ones? Well, we do not see much of the difference, and it is a compliment to her. A bit of highlighter, mild foundation and mascara is what she is observed to apply in this picture, yet looks entirely natural and elegant.

7. Outings:

Valeria Lukyanova Without Makeup 7

Here is another picture of Valeria Lukyanova, seen with very mild makeup such as moisturizer and mascara, clicked during her outing for dinner. Sheis known to eat healthily and seen here is she waiting for her food with a hungry face. How beautiful and charming does she even look, right?!

8. Rest Time:

Valeria Lukyanova Without Makeup 8

After a tiring day, Valeria is seen to go to her room to rest a bit. She is yet to remove her makeup in this picture and is seen with a bit of highlighter and mascara. Yet she looks stunning and fit in this picture, with such a long healthy hair too. We are in awe with her looks and fitness and are inspiring us to go towards the goal.

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9. Pampering Herself:

Valeria Lukyanova Without Makeup 9

Another picture of Valeria indulging herself in no makeup look is here. She is seen wearing a skin brightening face mask in this picture during her relaxation time and yet looks extremely beautiful. She doesn’t shy away from posting such images in her social media accounts and inspires her followers to go ahead with a regular routine for skin too.

10. Sleep Time:

Valeria Lukyanova Without Makeup 10

Well, here is the picture of Valeria just about to sleep. She is seen hitting the bed on a tiring day. Despite the tiredness, how beautiful and cute does she even look. We can’t quite believe the way she appears half of the times, despite tiring or long day she has, yet managing to look stunning and fantastic with her looks.

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Additional Tips:

With these pictures of Valeria Lukyanova no makeup, now here are few tips to help us manage better and glowing skin.

  1. Lifestyle matters. One requires to concentrate on a healthy lifestyle and to eat healthy, clean food always.
  2. I am binging once a while is good, but not regularly.
  3. Healthy eating and diet can, in turn, manifest in looking healthy and clean too.
  4. Moisturize skin without fail, every day. Well, hydrated skin can do wonders.
  5. Always remove makeup by the end of the day. never sleep with the makeup on, as it may damage and make skin look old
  6. Scrub and tone down the face thrice a week, at minimum. It helps to clean down and remove dead skin cells and make one glow and look bright.

With these pictures of Valeria Lukyanova in no makeup, we are quite inspired by her regular yet glowing face and bright looks. It all depends on regularly the following skincare and healthy diet, with workouts and these pictures encourage us for a better tomorrow, to work out and stay healthy all the time. Let us know your thoughts, too; we love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Does Valeria Lukyanova do her makeup?

Ans: Yes, you heard it right. Most of the time, Valeria prefers working on her looks. Given her skin tone and natural bright face and looks, she prefers to look natural with mild makeup.

Q2. What is Valeria Lukyanova’s favourite makeup product?

Ans: Valeria swears by regularly moisturizing her skin enough and keeping herself hydrated. She loves highlighter and plays with the makeup product to look bright enough.

Q3. What is Valeria Lukyanova’s favorite workout regime?

Ans: Valeria Lukyanova swears by weights, cardio, and equally balanced aerobics.