10 Unseen Pictures of Peyton List Without Makeup

Peyton List is a very renowned American model and actress. The actress shot to fame after playing the character of Emma Ross in the comedy series Jessie played on Disney Channel. Her role in the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ film series was also appreciated by all. After her successful stunt in these two Disney Channel series, there is news circulating that Peyton List along with Skai Jackson and Brar will reprise their roles in another new series named ‘Bunk’d’. The actress has carved a niche for herself at just the tender age of 16.

Beautiful Pictures of Peyton List Without Makeup:

Checkout these amazing pictures of Peyton Roi List without makeup that shows her natural beauty.

1. Smiling Beauty:

Peyton List Without Makeup

Being the youngest celebrity on television, Peyton List is bestowed with outstanding facial features and natural acting skills. This picture shows her without wearing a trace of makeup and her heart-warming smile is all that she needs to make her presence noticeable.

2. Oh so Cool and Pretty:

peyton list without makeup2

This is another no makeup image of Peyton List and the actress looks super fabulous in this one. Her geeky appearance in public shows her vulnerable age and yet the confidence in her eyes will surely take her long way! We wish you all the best for the same.

3. Perfect Selfie:

peyton list without makeup3

This is a picture sans any makeup of the ‘Jessie & Hollie Hills’ star that she herself uploaded on the Instagram. This bare faced selfie shows that she does not need to cover herself in multiple layers of makeup to look beautiful. Peyton List is bold enough to share her no makeup image with her fans.

4. No Makeup Monday:

peyton list without makeup4

As captioned in this picture, this is a no make up image of Peyton List that reveals how stunning she can look even without makeup. The flawless beauty that is gifted with does not need any artificial means.

5. The Gorgeous Queen:

Peyton Roi List became successful just at the age of 16 and her acting career looks as bright as ever, owing to her natural acting skills and beauty. In this picture the actress is seen wearing only her cheerful smile and no trace of makeup at all. Her teenage beauty can make her stand apart in the crowd without any makeup.

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6. The Fashionista:

peyton list without makeup6

Just like any girl her age, the Disney Channel star loves to go shopping. She likes experimenting with her look and in this picture the actress shows off her clothes and shoes. Peyton List is not afraid to make public appearances without wearing makeup and she loves being the way that she is.

7. Beauty Comes from Within:

peyton list without makeup7

Being a teenager, Peyton List faces skin problems like everyone. The actress believes that a proper skin care routine coupled with disciplined diet can bring an end to all skin related issues. In this picture of Peyton List without makeup, her skin shines out without any use of cosmetics. The actress swears by Renee, a skin care expert with an amazing line of products.

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8. I Scream for Ice Cream:

peyton list without makeup8

In this picture Peyton List is captured eating a big spoonful of her favourite ice cream. She is not wearing any makeup and we simply love her girlish charm.

9. A Perfect Blend of Simplicity and Elegance:

peyton list without makeup9

The famous star ‘Jessie’ is a young girl at heart and this picture shows it of very well. Peyton List looks incredibly beautiful without any makeup and as quoted by her fan ‘her inner and outer beauty can light up this Universe’.

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10. The Diva:

peyton list without makeup10

In this image of Peyton List without makeup, the actress looks like a Diva. Her blonde hair is left carelessly loose and she is seen wearing a black dress, in stark contrast to her white shining skin tone.

These were some of the best pictures of Peyton List without makeup. Let us know which one you liked the most and share your views.