13 Stunning Pictures of Zarine Khan Without Makeup

An aspiring doctor who suddenly changed her course and dedicated her career to entertainment, Zarine Khan is referred to as one of the true beauties of the Hindi film industry, often being compared to the yet another ravishing beauty, Katrina Kaif. Her career started with her starring opposite the much famed Salman Khan in her debut film Veer and with baby steps, one by one she started making a place for herself in the industry, her classic item number “ character dheela” giving her the final stepping stone to many more to come. This article focuses on Zarine Khan no makeup selfie pictures, which have been quite popular on the social media.

Zarine is blessed with sharp facial features and smooth, radiant skin. She is often seen flaunting her beautiful skin without makeup on many occasions. Although the actress is spotted opting for a makeup look, she sometimes unleashes her raw form and wipes her face clean. Check out these stunning pictures of this celebrity.

1. Pinkish Glow:

Doesn’t she adorable in this picture? Zarine Khan was spotted posing for this shot in which she looked very cute and beautiful in a pink top. Her skin was free from makeup of all sorts and she left her hair loose. This lady gives us major beauty goals with her lovely smile and gorgeous skin.

2. Getting Ready For Shoot:

This picture was taken just minutes before Zarine Khan was getting ready for a shoot. She looked quite lovely and refreshingly beautiful in this picture. Her bow tie hair band made her look like a cute little girl. With such a clean canvas to work on, which artist wouldn’t do good?

3. Hello World!

Zarine Khan has recently uploaded this lovely picture on her Instagram account. She went bare faced yet looked flawless. Her shaded aviator glasses and her highlighted hair makes this picture truly Instagram-worthy. This hottie is definitely a heart breaker for her followers and fans.

4. On a Relax Mode:

Zarine seems to be on a relaxed mode in this selfie of hers. She looked totally comfortable and at peace. There were no traces of makeup on her face yet looked like a diva. Her milky white skin, bright eyes, pink lips and super sharp features are sure to set your screen on fire.

5. Keeping It Sober:

Zarine khan without makeup 2

Here we see Zarine in one of her funeral visits attending the occasion with a heavy heart. Dressing appropriate to the occasion, she has stripped her face of any remnants of makeup while she donned on a white Salwar suit. Even with simplicity and no additional color added to her face, she looked quite stunning.

6. Selfie With Friend:

Zarine khan without makeup 1

Zarine khan has always been the one that would stand out from, the crowd. Integrating a whole lot of western features, this model turned actress struts off her light eyes and milky flawless skin in this picture as she poses for a casual photo with her friend. a soft smile rolled on her rosy lips as she intently stared at the camera.

7. Clean and Natural:

Zarine khan without makeup 3

A busy girl at times needs to let off a little steam and that is exactly why Zarine decided to go makeup free as she opted for a night out. Shot preferably while she was on her way to her destination, she flaunted her flawless self even though the hard work pressure was evident on her under eyes.

8. Stunning Diva:

Zarine khan without makeup 4

This picture dates back to one of her debut photo shoots where she opted for a minimalist look. The spread showed off this pretty face in a monochrome shade and even with the slight tinge of shade, we can make out how truly beautiful she is without any heavy professional makeup lighting her face up.

9. Homely Girl:

Zarine khan without makeup 5

Forever attached to her ethnicity and culture, Zarine Khan paid a religious visit where she was photographed praying. Her look was fantastic as she bowed her head slightly down, her rosy cheeks flushing while her black robe was draped over her head as she folded her hands in a prayer.

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10. Kitten Love:

Zarine khan without makeup 6

Pets are your best friend and Zarine Khan thinks the same way to. That is why in this picture we can see her posing with her two grumpy cats and as all of them stared at the lens, Zarine in her up front banged hair do looked quite youthful and different.

11. Indian Beauty:

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One of the street sightings of Zarine Khan would tell us how she actually never really needs makeup to be pretty. As her big shades covered most of her pretty peepers, her face void of any makeup traces still shone brightly. The black chikankari work dress complemented her fair skin very well.

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12. No Filter Selfie:

Zarine khan without makeup 8

Here is yet another selfie of the beauty herself displaying her porcelain Barbie face which has zero makeup on it as she looks ravishingly beautiful. The actress had absolutely no mark or breakout on her skin. It looked as a beautiful as a piece of full moon. She is really envy-worthy!

13. The Perfect Pout:

Zarine khan without makeup 9

Behind the scenes of houseful 2 will show you a fun loving cast of one of the main male leads posing with Zarine Khan and yet another female lead of the film, all of them pouting for the perfect picture. She has an uncanny resemblance with Katrina Kaif in this picture.

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Zarine Khan may not be a mainstream Bollywood actress, but her movies in other languages made her a rising super star. Inspite of facing sharp criticism for her lack of expressions and average acting skills, Zarine has made it a point to consistently prove her critics wrong. While she opts of sultry, sizzling roles in her movies, she also reveals her simple, sober style whenever she steps out into public. Zarine never is shy of the camera watching her constantly. She is ready to face these hawk-eyed journalists even with no makeup. We hope you loved these refreshing Zarine Khan no makeup selfie pictures.