14 Stunning Pictures of Lucy Hale Without Makeup

Karen Lucille Hale also known as just Lucy Hale is one of the most renowned actress in Hollywood. She is also a famous singer and songwriter. The actress is famous for her seductive eyes and her cute looks. She is really adorable and has some of internal beauty attached to her, which makes look gorgeous without putting on any makeup. Her natural beauty is more than enough to impress the mass audience and she does that by simply smiling in her most beautiful natural self phase. With an awesome physique, she has got the perfectly toned face and brilliant cheeks which make her perfect for any kind of teenage girl role. Karen knows how to flaunt her naturally beautiful skin and is often commented by her fans to “never wear makeup again”. Here are some of the best Lucy Hale no makeup selfie pictures, which will blow your mind away.

1. Coffee Time:

It’s morning time and we just can’t do without coffee. Lucy looked quite content in this picture in which she had freshly brewed cuppa in her hands. She seemed to be enjoying every sip of the favourite morning coffee. Doesn’t her skin look as fresh as a early morning dew drop.

2. Selfie For Awareness:

Lucy is also a social activist. She is seen at the local center speaking about the effects of Meningitis on teens and children. Lucy looked quite stunning in a very subtle and sober look. She opted for a simple top and a cute haircut. We love Lucy even more for her works.

3. The Lovely Nerd:

Lucy looked like a perfect Nerd in this picture. She is so cute that we really want to squish her chubby cheeks. She has no makeup at all yet looked photo ready. Her gorgeous hair and grey eyes make her a perfect diva. Imagine Lucy sitting next to you in the plane, we are already flying quite high!

4. Behind The Wheel:

The singer seems to be unwinding after a hard-earned day. She looked stunning inspite of wearing no makeup at all. Her healthy complexion and even skin tone is every girl’s dream. She confidently reveals her minor flaws like dark circles and minor spots. But who cares as long as this beauty shares her pictures.

5. Anxious Look:

Lucy Hale without makeup1

Here, we can see that Lucy wears no makeup at all and this is probably one of the most beautiful no-makeup pictures of Miss Hale, where she proudly displays her natural facial beauty. She looked stunning in her big, bight eyes that seem to speak her emotions out.

6. Miss Beautiful:

Lucy Hale without makeup2

Lucy Hale has worked in many small and big projects across America and that has allowed her to capture the mass audience easily and become quite popular within a short period of time. In this picture, she wears minimal makeup but still looks quite gorgeous.

7. Keeping It Minimal:

Lucy Hale without makeup3

This is an awesome picture of Lucy Hal, where she sports her naturally beautiful face without any sort of hesitation. She is somehow proud of her natural beauty and feels that her face doesn’t require the additional help of makeup. This is one of the best Lucy Hale without makeup pictures.

8. Killer Looks:

Lucy Hale without makeup4

Lucy has a beautiful smile which is god-gifted. Her smile makes her natural beauty even more appealing and makes her look even more beautiful, than she originally does. She had killer eyes and a seductive smile, which can captivate any one and enslave them with her beauty.

9. Just Posing:

Lucy Hale without makeup5

This is a really cute pic of Lucy which wins hearts. This pic shows how gorgeous this woman looks without even trying to look good. She has got a wonderful hair texture and her toned face fits her body and her hairstyle perfectly. This is one of the best Lucy Hale no makeup pictures.

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10. The All-Makeup Look:

Lucy Hale without makeup6

Here, we have a makeup free picture of Lucy Hale, by shows her new page in Facebook and her new set of followers, which are by the way increasing at a fast pace. She looked stunning in this picture with her airbrushed makeup look and maroon lipstick. Three cheers to this look!

11. Natural Beauty:

Lucy Hale without makeup7

It can be said that, Lucy has some of the most beautiful and revolutionary eyes ever. Her eyes can kill someone emotionally. It feels as if, her eyes speaks for her and they can do all the talking when someone is talking to Lucy. This stunning look makes us wonder if she ever needs makeup.

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12. Salt and Pepper Look:

Lucy Hale without makeup8

There are many such selfies on the internet. This is one of them, which show the makeup-free adorable face of Lucy Hale and her natural beauty is very well displayed in this picture. She opted for a salt and pepper hair do , but looked quite lovely. Her bright eyes speak a thousand words.

13. The Vlog Selfie:

Lucy Hale without makeup9

This particular picture was clicked by Lucy herself, when she activated her laptop webcam to do a live q&a session with her fans. This is probably one of the most beautiful Lucy Hale without makeup picture which vividly shows her beautiful face in reality.

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14. The Sultry Siren:

Lucy Hale without makeup10

This is one of the many snaps which belong to a photo shoot campaign, of which Lucy was the prime attraction. In each and picture, her natural beauty was being displayed vividly. She looks so stunning in this shot, where she sported a white formal shirt. She sure is a sizzler!

Lucy Hale is one of the prettiest celebrities in Hollywood. She looks quite stunning no matter what outfit she wears. Even the simplest of t-shirt looks great on her, thanks to her spotlessly clean skin. She doesn’t shy away from revealing her looks and her flaws to her audience. She regularly updates her photographs on social media, which makes her fans stop pausing their Instagram feed. She is often told by her fans to ditch the makeup completely, for there is really no need of spending time in front of the mirror. We hope you loved these beautiful Lucy Hale no makeup selfie pictures.