9 Pictures of Brad Pitt Without Makeup

After donning out successes like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, troy and the curious case of Benjamin Button, the world wide renowned Brad Pitt needs no special introduction at all. Better known in accordance with his other famous half, Angelina Jolie, William Bradley Pitt left his college career half way just to move to LA, finding his true love, Cinema. Linked to the famous Jennifer Anniston and a happy father of six, Brad Pitt has often been known for his good guy with a stubble charm, the perfect candidate for a rugged man next door. However, for stars it is quite difficult for us to ascertain whether they really are all that glitters if the gold is taken away.

Pictures of Brad Pitt Without Makeup:

Without the professional lighting and makeup, let’s have a look at whether Brad Pitt leaves up to his charm.

1. The Young Boy Charm:

brad pitt without makeup

This picture dates way back to his young days when his chocolate boy charms were still his main game. Shaving his head off to a mean college Jock look, Brad Pitt stands in the red carpet basking in his own beauty as his pearly white twists up to give you a soft smile.

2. Rugged Look:

Mr & Mrs Smith premiere

This is a transition picture from the good guy charms to a rugged more huffing and manly look. As he stood there suited up looking like a fine gentleman, it was evident that Brad is quite flawless skinned even without any touch of makeup on his face.

3. The Beard Phase:

brad pitt without makeup3

This is a much more recent picture of the famous Pitt in one of his mature days when he decided to sport a mean beard game as he suited up for an event. Looking much down to earth and rather very different in his new look, we say Brad works the no makeup look at his best.

4. Hunk On The Road:

brad pitt without makeup4

This was one of the pictures from one of Brad’s road sightings where he seemed to rock the full sleeved white tee, all hot and bothered looking his best. As the t-shirt hugged his every muscle, he pulled up his sleeves to a quarter as he walked by.

5. Working Hazard:

brad pitt without makeup5

Showing up in an architectural hat, this time Brad had his t-shirt halfway down his biceps, showing off his lean toned body as he sported a slight stubble while his aviators covered up most of his pretty peepers.

6. Rocking The Trend:

brad pitt without makeup6

Not until most recently, did onesies become a hot trend and here we have a picture of the trendsetter himself who made middle aged men feel comfortable about wearing a onesie, by him showing up in one. As his golden locks swayed at the back, his brown shades covered his eyes, him walking by.

7. Movie Stills:

brad pitt without makeup7

This is a still from one of his earliest movies ,Thelma and Louise where the young Brad stands bare bodied posing in his classic hairstyle. In this picture, he had no makeup on which clearly shows on his face but either way he knows how to work his look be there makeup or not.

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8. A Fan Affair:

brad pitt without makeup8

In one of the meet and greets, Couple Brangelina decided to stop for a few autograph signings and pictures with the fans and in this perfect candid we have caught the couple interacting with the fans, both without makeup and rocking the couple game.

9. A Darling Father:

brad pitt without makeup9

Other than a red carpet model and a famous actor, this father of six decided to bring his kids to work as they decided to give the Money ball set a visit. Carrying his children in both his arms, the darling father did look quite dashing.

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