9 Pictures of Mila Kunis without Makeup

Mila Kunis is a renowned American actress who has appeared in a number of television programs, reality shows and in the movies, of course. Among the huge number of actresses residing in L.A, Mila is the most considered as the sweetheart. Her adorable smile, round eyes, and her magnificent figure is the perfect package for Hollywood films. All these qualities have aided her in gaining massive success over the years. Her brilliant humor and dazzling looks allow her to steal the looks. Though being a famous actress, Mila is not just a mere plastic doll. Rather, Mila likes to take the time and enjoy a simple and casual life just any ordinary person, whenever she gets a chance. Mila considers her natural beauty as her best weapon and that is also the prime reason for all the successful makeup tricks. Below are some of the best images of Mila Kunis where she wears no makeup.

9 Unseen Photos of Mila Kunis without Makeup:

Let we have to look at the top 9 mila kunis without makeup pics.

1. Out For a walk:

mila kunis without makeup

Here is a picture of Mila Kunis with her husband Ashton Kutcher. The couple takes their dog for a little stroll through the streets of Los Angeles. This picture proves that Mila barely needs any makeup to look attractive. She wears a simple black hooded jacket and gray sweatpants while she enjoys her morning jog with her happy family.

2. Who Needs Makeup:

Mila Kunis without makeup2

In this picture, Mila Kunis sports her natural beauty without wearing any makeup. Her casual look makes her a bit appearance a bit different from what Mila looks on-screen. Here, she wears a simple Henley t-shirt and keeps her hair loose.

3. No Flaws so Far:

Mila Kunis without makeup3

Mila Kunis is absolutely flawless. Her beautiful skin, magnificent figure, etc make her the most beautiful actress ever. Whether it’s on TV or just walking the streets, Mila manages to keep herself fit and fabulous.

4. Simply Being Herself:

Mila Kunis without makeup4

In this picture, Mila Kunis looks pretty awesome and she doesn’t need makeup for that. With her casual black jacket and childish hairstyle, she manages to make herself look extremely adorable. Her natural beauty relieves her from the hesitation of going out without putting on any makeup.

5. The Barefaced Beauty:

Mila Kunis without makeup5

Mila Kunis was spotted with her husband, walking the streets of L.A. She was rocking a red casual jacket and her naturally beautiful bare face. She is so beautiful that people can recognize her pretty easily even when she’s wearing no makeup.

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6. A Little Shopping:

Mila Kunis without makeup6

Mila Kunis was spotted shopping in Los Angeles. She was sporting her makeup-free face with a black jacket and a pair of ripped jeans. This woman hardly needs anything to make herself look adorable and screen ready.

7. Sipping Some Hot Coffee:

Mila Kunis without makeup7

In this picture of Mila Kunis, she is departing from a shop after grabbing some breakfast. Her sporty casual getup makes her look pretty relaxing and it seems as if she’s enjoying her simple off-screen life wither husband.

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8. Winter Shopping:

Mila Kunis without makeup8

Mila Kunis was spotted on one fine winter morning while she was heading home after being done with her shopping. Mila was rocking a gray sweater upon a cute purple top and displayed her makeup-free face willingly.

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9. No Makeup? Really?

Mila Kunis without makeup9

This picture of Mila Kunis was clicked while she was departing from a restaurant after completing her breakfast. Her beauty is so pure that she can go almost anywhere without putting any makeup on. For Mila, makeup is not a huge part of her life but her fun-time and natural beauty is.