Barbara Walters Takes Aim at Kim Kardashian on 10 Most Fascinating People Special

Barbara Walters Takes Aim at Kim Kardashian on 10 Most Fascinating People Special

The Kardashian family has managed to pull off quite a profit this year according to the media but Barbara Walter isn’t impressed by the numbers as she takes aim at Kim Kardashian in her 10 Most Fascinating People Special interview, saying that ‘she has no talent’.

Barbara Walters, 82, said that she has never heard more anger and dismay than when the news that the Kardashians were on the ’10 Most Fascinating People Special’ list broke out. The Kardashians have managed to create an empire with a reality show, perfume launch, fashion and accessories, a book launch and several other endorsements that added to their wealth. But it seems that The Kardashian’s fame isn’t making Barbara go soft as she wasn’t shy to take an aim at the family’s most popular member, Kim.

In the 10 Most Fascinating People Special, Barbara invited Kim, 31, Kourtney, 32, Khloe, 27, and their mother Kris Jenner, 56, to talk about their life as well as fame. Things seemed to be a little bit awkward however for the family when Barbara decided to mention Kim’s famous sex tape: “So Kim, you first came into public attention in 2020 with a sex tape, and you became famous, so was it a good thing to have done looking back?”

Barbara Walters Takes Aim at Kim Kardashian on 10 Most Fascinating People Special

Apparently, the question put Kim Kardashian in an uncomfortable position as she replies without finishing the sentence before she switched her answer and said: “I really believe with anything in life whatever you do, you might think…I’ve made mistakes in my life for sure.”

To make a save, momager Kris takes over and tells Kim: “You learned a lot from that”. Kris also tells Barbara that dealing with Kim’s sex tape wasn’t easy and that she has cried herself to sleep several days after the tape leaked on the internet. Kris said: “It was devastating for the whole family, and you cry yourself to sleep for a few nights, then you hire a really good attorney and try to make something better or you know, happen.”

Barbara seems to be surprised of the family’s fame as she bluntly tells them that they have no talent. She says that they are often described as: “You are famous for being famous. You don’t really act; you don’t sing; you don’t dance. You don’t have any – forgive me – any talent!”

The Kardashians quickly reply that they are entertaining although they don’t pretend to be singers or actresses. They tell Barbara that: “We’re still entertaining people. I think it’s more of a challenge for you to go on a reality show, and get people to fall in love with you for being you. None of us think we have talent. None of us think we can sing or act or dance.”

Khloe Kardashian also talked about the fact that she was bullied and considered the ugly sister from the Kardashian klan.

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