Beautiful Looks of Madhuri Dixit in Saree With Pictures

Madhuri Dixit! The name says it all. This actress is the definition of charm and ageless beauty despite being a yesteryear heroine. Her style and charm did not fade even a bit. Madhuri saree photos are all that we need to get inspiration and tips from for being stylish and attractive. Her well-toned body still looks fit in the amazing saree pictures. Let us get some tips and tricks to style our self from these Madhuri Dixit saree collection pictures.

Madhuri Dixit has been the nation’s beauty icon for many years. If her exuberant smile and awesome looks don’t sweep anyone off their feet, then her charming dance moves certainly will do the trick. She has been in and out of the Bollywood film industry. Now, she has returned to the fold after a short sabbatical with an appearance on an item dance and later on a dance reality show “Jhalak Dhikla Jaa”. Her new movie “Bucket List” is about to get released. She has continuously kept her fans happy following strict fitness regimes and sporting new styles. This style diva has donned a variety of saree looks in the past few years.

Stunning Images of Madhuri Dixit In Saree:

Here, we are going to discuss the latest collection of sarees from Madhuri Dixit’s wardrobe and the fashion wave she has created with her stunning return into the B-Town.

1. Wedding Traditional Look:

This Madhuri Dixit wedding saree look is all that we have waited for. This traditional look is well blended with proper draping, good accessories in gold. The perfect bun with flowers complimented the look very well. Don’t we want to take this inspiration now for the next wedding to attend?

2. Silking The Style Up:

This picture of Madhuri Dixit in silk saree is what makes us drool now! Despite the age, still, she looks breathtaking. The simple saree is well draped, and loose hair complements the silk material she is wearing. This is perfect for all who love simplicity. Let us get ahead and take the inspiration, right?

3. Bhagalpuri Sarees:

This traditional look of Madhuri Dixit Bhagalpuri saree is one of the most trending pictures back then. She looks breathtaking with the matching bangles, blouse, and other accessories. This is perfect with full hand blouse hiding the age and still showing the charming youthful face.

4. Replica Is Here:

The Madhuri Dixit replica saree is again the most sought after image. This saree is total with dazzles and perfectly fits those who want to show their toned body nature. This style suits those women who have good skin and a well-toned body. The blouse should be worked sleeveless to add to the beauty.

5. Paithani Style:

This traditional look of Madhuri Dixit in Paithani saree is all that we need to look simple yet elegant in family functions or pujas. This is such a simple saree yet adds in style and elegance. This dashing look can be achieved by adding gold ornaments to the look along with good bun hairstyle.

6. Backless Styled Up:

Madhuri Dixit backless saree is the next trend now. Despite her age, how did she manage to look so young and ageless here is the question we kept wondering about! This shiny backless saree totally suits and blends well with the body. Try this out if you are bold and confident enough for some bold and wild party.

7. The Fierce Red Beauty:

The bold beauty

Madhuri in one of the recent events, preferably on the set of her show on colours, Jhalak Dikla Ja, has been seen as a judge and has never left us any place to judge her outfit to be one that can be deemed wrong since she, as always was her astonishing impeccable self. She dressed herself up in a pretty alluring brown georgette saree with the pallu showing a flawless faint checkered look. This Madhuri in saree latest also had a red borderline.

8. The Charming Blue:

The cool blue

For her age, Madhuri can still sweep us youngsters right off our feet and therefore is one of the coolest mommy around. Madhuri Dixit in saree pictures has decided to show how exotic she can be by wearing this cold gel peacock blue saree. With no extra decorations in the body of the saree, the borderline was ornamented with a heavy silver zari work and red outlining.

9. The Neon Beauty:

The subtle neon

Only Madhuri can pull off a neon green with ease and still not be too bright for her age. Following the age-old belief, youngsters adorn the new exciting neon colours, but here Madhuri once again proves her elegance by carrying this extremely chic saree with such perfection. The body no doubt is soft lime green with a massive golden beaded borderline and of course the sober black outline. This photo of Madhuri Dixit in saree is our favourite.

10. Ombre Brightness:


No actress’s book of style is complete without embracing the one that is the current shiz of the trend. Ombre is a full proof colour transition in the fabric where one colour fades into another beautifully and carrying off the same look here Madhuri seems pleased with her choice of pink and beige with a side sprinkle of popping blue on the borders.

11. The Black and Bold:

The black do

This time we can see the beautiful Madhuri turning to her favourite black colour. Black is one of those colours where one can look fabulous and but can still be safe in experimenting with patterns when black is concerned. Therefore, here is a beautiful saree in black chiffon with detailed beige floral artwork towards the end and a white laced border running along the outline.

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12. Traditional Half Saree:

The half saree

This is yet another new addition to the collection of sarees where once again Madhuri in one of her shows busted a few moves wrapped in this gorgeous half saree. The saree in blue formed the lower half while the sheer net pallu formed the upper half with embellishments along the corner.

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13. The Dazzling White:

The shimmer white

A beautiful Madhuri Dixit in white saree is endorsed by a gleaming piece of a golden matte blouse. The talented actress who went all in with her traditional look and here even though she looked appropriate to her age, the saree adorned with black and golden embellishment seemed absolutely mesmerizing on her.

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14. The Color Splash:

The color fiesta

Here is the last and the best one. Draped in beautiful neon colours on a black backdrop, Madhuri looked a million dollars in this ravishingly beautiful and trend-savvy saree. This colour splash is bright and all that we need in dull seasons. These bright colours add to the look and make your face glow and bright.

15. Festivities Saree:

This look on Madhuri Dixit can be considered as the perfect festive look. The saree is white with golden yellow patterns simply heavenly when mixed in with this detailed saree artwork. The designer blouse comes with the beautiful patterned prints drawn to provide it with a stupendous and extravagant look. This white colour net saree with satin inner and raw silk blouse combined with that hairstyle made her look stunning.

16. Wedding Attire:

Here, you can see the beautiful Madhuri Dixit wedding saree looking an exotic hot pink and gold wedding saree with elegant patterns & designs. The classic combination of pink and golden (on the embroidery), teamed up with minimal makeup and jewellery (only earrings and bangles) made her look breathtaking on the day. This prestigious look took the Internet by storm and was applauded in Twitter and Instagram as she wished Happy Baisakhi to everyone while posting this picture.

17. Setting Up All Traditional:

In this picture, the beautiful Madhuri Dixit can be seen wearing an elegant traditional saree. This traditional saree is combined with a stylish hairstyle giving it a modern look. It’s more than just a tribute to the eyes. This saree is adorned with similar hues of orange and pink with a dash of green on the pallu. The blouse matches the border, and the single bangle combines to make this look just absolutely enthralling.

18. Designer Sarees:

This designer saree succeeds in bringing out the breathtaking beauty of Madhuri Dixit. In this picture, she can be seen sporting an exceptionally beautiful red and gold saree with embroidered patterns at the bottom. The simplicity of the dress and her charming looks combined makes the outfit lethal and gives her a royal and classy look.

19. The Elegant White and Gold:

Here, you can see the beautiful Madhuri Dixit sporting an alluring white saree making her look like an iconic heroine. This saree is decorated with the most elegant yet straightforward patterns providing her with the princess like charms. This exotic white saree is combined with a sleek yet straightforward appearance with open hair, minimal makeup, and sleeveless blouse- all contributing to the classy look.

20. Blend of Traditional and Modern:

This is exclusively one of the latest looks of this mind-blowing beauty. This designer saree is just exotic. This marvellous piece of designer saree is a combination of turmeric yellow and tomato red with beautiful patterns on either end. The saree is adorned with polka dots which gives an otherwise ordinary saree- a premium look. This style diva nails this look with minimal makeup and ornaments.

Madhuri Dixit has been the style diva of India for many years. Her fantastic fitness routines combined with her incredible fashion sense is what makes her the “trendsetter” in the industry. Her beautiful dance moves and disarming looks have bestowed her with the title of “Evergreen Beauty.” The evergreen Bollywood beauty has announced her return into B-Town with a bang by making an appearance as a judge in the reality show “Jhalak Dhikla Jaa”. She has been seen wearing exquisite sarees during her short brief in this reality show. Sarees worn by her have always been very popular, and she has always kept her fans excited and wondered with bold fashion statements. Here let us have an anecdote of those best moments right here.