Emma Watson Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Emma Watson has vowed audiences with her performance playing the perky and quick-witted Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series. Having started her acting career at the age of 9, the 23 year old model and actress has learnt quite a few helpful tips along the way on perfecting the art of makeup which she has disclosed in many interviews, including some of her very own beauty secrets. For all you Emma Watson admirers, here’s an insight into the beauty routine and healthy lifestyle of the young actress. Below shows Emma Watson Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets.

emma watson beauty tips

Emma Watson’s Skincare Secrets:

Emma spends more time on her skincare regimen rather than makeup application. Her view is that the better care you take of your skin, the less foundation you will need to cover up those unwanted flaws. She is scrupulous about taking off her makeup before bedtime and moisturizing properly. She takes extra care to remove the layers of makeup after shoots, using gauze instead of cotton to remove all traces. When she’s not shooting she goes as much as possible without makeup so as not to aggravate her sensitive skin except to slather on sunscreen which is an everyday obsession for her.

Tips and Secrets of Emma Watson Skin

If you’re wondering about the secret to Emma’s glowing skin, coconut water is the key which gives her skin an energy boost and which she says is healthier than soda. Add to this a range of French skincare products which Emma is a fan of and which she uses without abandon.

Tips and Secrets of Emma Watson skin care

The Lancôme spokesperson does have a word of caution to offer about using bronzer saying, it gives one a caked look as opposed to pink blusher which gives one a healthy glow. When it comes to lipstick, Emma prefers to save it for the evenings while opting for a pink-tinted lip balm during the day.

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Secret Behind Emma Watson’s Dazzling Eyes:

Tips and Secrets of Emma Watson eyes

Emma Watson’s eyes are always sparkling. The reason behind it? “Eye-drops” says the brown-eyed girl who uses Murine Bright and Moist Eyes to make her eyes look dazzling. Her most often seen smoky-eyed look further adds to the effect. Emma also prefers to get her eyebrows threaded instead of waxed for a rounder shape and fuller brows.

Emma Watson’s Hair Transformation:

Tips and Secrets of Emma Watson Hair

From a long frizzy, fringed mane in her Harry Potter film debut to the most recent pixie style hairdo, Emma Watson’s transformation has seen her sport the pixie crop with much class and aplomb. The cut she feels is very liberating especially since she doesn’t have to spend hours with her hair before a shoot. 10 minutes is all it takes. She does however apply a bit more makeup to make her look more feminine.

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Emma Watson’s Fitness Secrets:

Tips and Secrets of Emma Watson Fitness

Emma Watson’s killer body is something to die for. To maintain her fabulous shape she exercises regularly doing the things she loves. Playing field hockey, running outdoors and hill walking are among her favorite sporting activities. Her other fitness routines include hitting the gym for a 90 minute workout session, intense cardio which includes Pilates, weightlifting and sprint running. She follows this workout plan strictly five days a week and the result as we can all see is a perfect body which is truly one of her greatest assets.

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Emma Watson’s Diet Plan:

Tips and Secrets of Emma Watson diet

Emma Watson has no problem staying away from junk food which she avoids at all costs. She prefers the healthier option of foods that are low in saturated fats, salt and sugar. She does however love eating chocolates and pasta among other things and loves baking. While her diet is not as strict as her workout regime she does balance out her diet with an equal amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fibers by eating vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meats and healthy salads.