Ever Unseen Looks of Aishwarya Rai in Saree with Images

There was a time when Aishwarya Rai had become an icon of Indian beauty and culture! She personifies style and elegance like no one ever did before! Aishwarya Rai is a regular at many international events like Cannes, where she is often spotted in a saree. Ash sure knows how to elevate the beauty of the humble Indian saree with her grace and elegance. She totally loves her sarees, which is evident in the way she carries them off effortlessly! No wonder why she is every designer’s delight! In this article, we shall explore some of the best Aishwarya Rai saree collection images!

Gorgeous Saree Pictures of Aishwarya Rai You can’t Afford to Miss!

If you are a die-hard fan of Aishwarya Rai, this article is a must-read! Fall in love with this beauty more than ever by looking at some of the best pictures in a Saree.

1. Aishwarya in Golden Net Saree:

Aishwarya sure looks like a Golden girl in this gorgeous designer wear. She is spotted wearing a golden net saree that has a subtle sheen to it. The blouse has a collar neck, which she carried it off with just a pair of statement earrings. She sported a neat bun on top of her main for a low-key affair!

2. Aishwarya Rai Cannes Saree:

Here is another look that is worth stealing! Aishwarya Rai made heads turn Cannes again. She has clicked in a yellow colour chiffon saree and a basic, short sleeve blouse. The saree has embroidery broder which looked sensational. She opted for sleek hair with centre partition and smoky eyes!

3. Aishwarya Rai In Silk Saree:

During a lunch with the French President, Aishwarya opted for this breathtakingly beautiful look! She bowled the dignitaries with her sense of style and grace. Ash chooses this Fuchsia pink Berhampuri silk saree for the event, which looks stunning on her. She opted for Polkis and a neat hairdo!

4. Aishwarya Rai In Pink Saree:

Aishwarya looks smashing in this light pink saree. The actress attended an event in this delicate saree that adorned her body like a charm! She looked like a million bucks in this attire and her style was minimal and elegant. The white and pink saree was matched with a blingy low neck blouse, which she managed to keep it dignified!

5. Aishwarya Rai Blue Saree:

Can’t take your off eyes off her? We are with you! To describe her beauty in words is quite difficult. Ash looked charming in a blue and black transparent netted saree, which was perfect to the dot! She wore a spaghetti sleeve blouse, which she covered neatly. Her flawless hairdo and her makeup are worth a million glances.

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6. Aishwarya in Wedding Saree:

Aishwarya Rai looks too good to be real in this picture! In one of her wedding rituals, Rai sported this traditional Maroon silk saree, which was handcrafted to perfection. The entire saree has impeccable detailing, which makes this Diva all the more beautiful. She looks like a Royal princess, waiting for her Prince Charming!

7. The Peach Pink Queen:

Aishwarya Rai in Saree

Aishwarya has always been quite the queen bee and to top it off, in one of her off studio events she dazzled simply portraying her queenly self in a more precise way, wrapped up in a pretty traditional package. The saree in peach and cream looks beautiful with a soft touch of glitter dazzlers here and there while the borderline simply is fantastic in silver embroidery.

8. The Chiffon in Red:

The chiffon in red Saree

For a beautiful princess like her, colours do not faze her ambience and so while many would stick to their little black attires, Aishwarya ventured out bravely in a wonderful chiffon net saree. On her appearance in the star screen awards, she glammed up the saree with pretty little embellishments running along the edge of the saree covering the borderlines. The outline of the saree is a simple blue one.

9. Chanderi Gold:

Chanderi gold

Chanderi gold is a fabric material from the specialities of southern India where this fabric of silk material is widely used in saree making. Aishwarya here in the French award announcement decided to make the best of her looks by wrapping herself up in a beautiful golden yellow saree. The borderline of the saree wide, however, sports a frosted satin light yellow hue.

10. Embellishments:


This is a fantastic saree by the famous designer Sabyasachi and here Aishwarya simply looks fabulous in the heavily ornamented saree. The piece of clothing in subtle dirty grey colour is enhanced further by the pretty little daisies whereas the extreme outline of the saree in chakras and embellishments look simply ecstatic.

11. The white wonder:

The white wonder

Given her tone and complexion, a vivacious actress like her can be relied on to pull off any look she desires and hence in the same note taken a beautiful and extravagant saree has been brought to notice where the simple chiffon net pattern forms the base to the saree. The saree is hued in an impeccable white with a broader borderline in sequins and embroidery.

12. The Net Extravagance:

The net extravagance

Here in this saree, Aishwarya looks jaw-droppingly beautiful. The main designs of the look along with the patterns drawn in embellishments belong to the blouse. The wonderful borderline only heightens the little black blouse that looks fantastic on the saree set against a beautiful white and dazzling diamond look.

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13. The Angel in White:

The angel in white

Once again we caught Aishwarya looking majestic and angelic in that white net embellished saree. The entire of the saree is painted in an impeccable milky white that has a faint borderline of zari embroidered dazzler. The body to the saree remains as plain as possible with soft round and about patterns of embellishments in sheer white as well.

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14. The Fabulous Beauty:

The fabulous beauty

Aishwarya herself is an angel and the saree here she adorns is simply ravishing. The saree like every other is heavily ornamented but this time within itself. The entire of the saree in golden dazzles and glimmers while the underneath of the layers is silvery satin in white.

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15. The Soft Black and Gold:

The soft black and gold

Even this diva has her days of playing it safe when she wraps herself up in a beautiful black go-to saree. The golden borderline enhances the look of the simple black saree in the midst of all the black filled with floral patterns.

Aishwarya Rai Saree Styling Tips:

Follow these style tips to take some cues from this desi Diva:

  • Aishwarya believes in experimentation. So, go bold and play to your potential!
  • Try a variety of blouses with your sarees. These can instantly elevate your glam quotient
  • Keep your accessories minimal, unless you are the bride
  • Your draping style matters a lot. So, make sure you practise that well
  • Makeup and hairdo are quoted essentially to your look. Don’t compromise on them

Those are some of the best looks of Aishwarya Rai in a saree! These pictures are one of the most searched ones on the internet, indicating their popularity. Aishwarya is known for her dressing sense and her acceptance to change. So, if you are aspiring to look like her, start embracing various styles, instead of sticking to regular models. Also, if you have any more of her favourite looks that you want to share with us, do let us know!