Genelia Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Genelia D’Souza burst onto the Bollywood scene and became an overnight sensation. What worked in her favor was her bubbly personality and youthful vigor. From red carpet appearances to movie premiers, Genelia has impressed fashion critics with her sense of style. She is also considered to be one of the fittest actresses in the Hindi film industry and follows a daily workout regimen which helps her stay in shape.

genelia beauty tips

She also follows a strict diet plan which allows her to stay light and energetic. It should also be noted that she does not believe in putting on a lot of make-up and in fact likes to keep it fresh and natural so that she remains youthful and prevents any skin damage. Let us therefore get a better understanding of some of Genelia’s top beauty secrets:

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Hair Care:

As an actress, Genelia’s hair is exposed to heavy blow drying and heat treatments which leaves her hair feeling dry and less than glamorous at the end of the day. Therefore, she is a massive fan of treating herself to a hair spa regularly as it helps revive her hair, bringing back the natural gloss and volume.

She always makes it a point to condition her hair when she washes it. She first rinses her hair with warm water and then quickly washes it with cold water to keep all the moisture intact. She trims her hair every once in a while to keep split ends at bay. She also makes it a point to massage her hair at least once a month with warm olive oil in addition to applying an egg mask to maintain her lustrous locks.

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Skin Treatment:

Genelia believes in sporting a natural looks as it best highlights your beauty. Therefore, when it comes to make-up, she always goes minimal and avoids foundation or heavy make-up. Instead she prefers to pinch her cheeks to add that dash of color in addition to a light blush. She also believes in exfoliating her skin and cleansing it before going to bed.

In order to keep her skin soft and supple, Genelia opts for a fresh cream face mask which helps prevent the skin from becoming dry. She also uses a multani mitti pack at least once a week which serves the function as a natural exfoliator in addition to giving her skin that fresh, newly-scrubbed glow.

Highlighting The Eye:

Genelia D'souza Smiling

As far as highlighting those gorgeous eyes of hers is concerned, Genelia depends on one of her must-haves – kohl. She never leaves home without it. She also applies a meager amount of eye shadow to give her eyes a clear definition and glow.

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Diet Regimen:

Being a Mangalorean, Genelia consumes fish at least 5 times a week, and chicken at least once a week. She avoids eating red meat. She ensures that she has a good breakfast packed with carbohydrates as she avoids having heavy meals at night. She also drinks plenty of water and consumes a lot of vegetables and juices which help cleanse her system from within. She makes it a point to have small meals every two hours to avoid over-eating. She makes sure to treat herself to some good food on Sunday which includes tandoori chicken.

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Fit & Petite:

As far as fitness goes, Genelia confesses to be far from a fitness freak. She also states that since she was involved in athletics from a young age, she would never have to worry about putting on weight. However, if forced to work out, she does like to go for morning jogs and do a few crunches when at home. She avoids heavy exercise routines and employs a trainer who helps her maintain her petite frame at least thrice a week.

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