Justin Bieber Knocked Down by Man at Perfume Launch

Justin Bieber Knocked Down by Man at Perfume Launch

Justin Bieber just had one of the most terrifying moments in New York City, where he was preparing for his “Someday” fragrance launch at Macy’s. Bieber was excited to unveil his first perfume for his lady fans and the frenzy outside the store lured Justin to greet his fans and sign a few autographs, when in a blink of an eye he was knocked down by a man.

Justin Bieber‘s personal security team was there, but it seems the man, who jumped over the protection barriers, has managed to get close to Justin before his security team removed him. The crowd was is shock and didn’t know what exactly has happened, but thankfully, Justin is okay. Justin Bieber Knocked Down by Man at Perfume Launch

According to TMZ, the man was an undercover cop who feared Justin was in jeopardy and jumped to save him. Justin’s security team didn’t know the man was a cop and pulled him away from Justin, thinking he was a crazy fan. The man identified himself immediately, but apparently Justin’s security guard didn’t back down, and so the cop cited him for disorderly conduct.

Rumors say it that it was actually Bieber’s team to blame for everything as they didn’t stick to the plan that has been put together for this event. Bieber’s route was well established, but deviated from its course as Justin wanted to greet his fans that were waiting outside Macy’s. The crowd went wild when Justin came out and when the crowd became unruly, the undercover cop dressed in regular clothes, decided to rush and help Bieber. In the rush of the moment Justin’s bodyguards got defensive, thinking the guy wanted to hurt Justin, so the entire situation was just a misunderstanding.

Justin was unharmed and managed to continue the event after the situation was resolved without any problems. Justin’s representative told People that the entire situation was just a misunderstanding: “This was a momentary, well-intentioned misunderstanding that was quickly resolved, and the event went very well.”

Justin Bieber Knocked Down by Man at Perfume Launch

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