Miley Cyrus Smoking from a Bong

Miley Cyrus Smoking from a Bong

Well it seems that teen queen Miley Cyrus aka Hanna Montana has yet again made a not so flattering appearance on the web as she was filmed by “friends” while smoking from a bong in the privacy of her own home in L.A. Miley was celebrating her 18th birthday party and what a party indeed that was as laughter and smiles were all over the room.

The video that has shocked and saddened Miley Cyrus’ father, Billy Ray Cyrus has leaked and it was made public. The video was filmed among friends as Miley seems to be quite comfortable although she knows she is being filmed.

The shocker comes when a bong appears and passed to Miley. Sources say that the bong contained salvia, which is actually a legal herb in California, so Miley was not breaking the law but still, the plant is known (if smoked) to cause an euphoric state and hallucinations. Could this be a reason for concern or was this an innocent curiosity?

The smoke clearly affects Miley as she starts giggling and can’t control herself. At one points she even sees a lookalike of Liam, Miley’s ex boyfriend. TMZ has managed to get a copy of the leaked video of Miley Cyrus smoking a bong. She clearly inhales the smoke inside the glass bong and the effects are visible right after the smoke is inhaled.

Miley Cyrus leaked bong video

Miley Cyrus Smoking from a Bong

It seems that Miley’s dad has stumbled over the video and twitted to apologize. Celebrity life is definitely not easy but we hope that Miley will not be swept by the temptation of drugs as so many celebrities failed to resist.

Miley has yet to make an official comment on this matter so we are looking forward to a public statement. Until then we wish Miley all the best and hopefully this will be the first and the last video to leak on the web. What do you think about Miley’s bong smoking?