Queen Rania Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

The beautiful queen of Jordan is not only one of the most recognized and influential ladies of the world, but she has also been an inspiration to many. She is an absolute stunner and has thousands of fans all across the world. She is frank, full of grace and style, is warm and a very lovely personality to see. Her beauty secrets have been spilled recently and if you were looking for suggestions, you have come to the right place. Some of the best Queen Rania Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets have been enlisted in the following paragraphs.

Queen Rania Beauty Tips:

1. Hair:

queen rania beauty tips

The Queen of Jordan loves to keep everything stylish and glamorous. She prefers to blow dry her hair in such a way that would create nice curls. She also prefers to colour and straighten them, all depending upon the occasion she is about to attend. Nonetheless, she never fails to look her best.

2. Skin:

Queen Rania does not experiment too much with her looks as she has been naturally blessed with gorgeous and radiant skin. She applies a simple muted foundation followed by some good lipstick and mascara. A nice eye shadow is also her favorite. She takes good care of her skin by applying best quality moisturizers and nice creams daily.

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3. Eyes:

Queen Rania likes to apply a good amount to makeup to her eyes to give herself that bold and chic appearance. She uses dramatic eye shadows and eyeliners to create a very attractive and sensuous look. This gives her a very royal and fabulous feel.

4. Diet:

Being a queen, it is very important for Rania to eat right and she makes sure she is getting her daily dose of vitamins, calcium and proteins. She begins her day with soaked nuts or almonds. Her breakfast usually consists of egg whites and her lunch is full of brown rice and steamed fish. Her dinner is always steamed chicken and vegetables.

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5. Fitness Routine:

Queen Rania lives a very active life. She is really fond of breath taking activities like jogging and running and also performs Pilates, kick boxing and karate daily. She likes working out to some good and preppy music and has also opted for some good aerobics and martial arts lessons often.

6. No Bad Habits:

Being very religious, Queen Rania does not smoke or consume any alcohol. She is conscious of her appearance and eats right to stay away from deadly diseases and unwanted calories. She is very fond of lamb and Mediterranean cuisine and tries to eat in a very balanced manner.

7. Dark Chocolates:

Queen Rania has a huge fetish for dark chocolates. Unlike milk chocolates, dark chocolates tend to be very healthy and gets better with the intensity of the colour. This also explains the reason behind the queen’s fit body as dark chocolates have very little tendency of making you put on weight.

8. Lips:

We have usually seen Queen Rania wear pastel colours for her lips as it adds focus to the beautiful structure of her face and makes her look very presentable and beautiful. This is one of the basic beauty step taken by Rania to look fabulous no matter where she is.

9. Dressing Sense:

Belonging to the royal family, Queen Rania’s dressing sense is amazing. She likes to wear skirts and separators which usually come in pastel colours. Her gowns also quite glamorous and give her a very charming appearance. Although she is a conservative person, she does not let that affect her dressing sense. She looks wonderful regardless of that.