Rekha Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Rekha has been a part of the Indian film industry from the 1970s. She is one of the most beautiful women to be seen and is best known for her transition from an unattractive little duckling to a gorgeous and beautiful white swan.

rekha beauty tips

Rekha Beauty Tips:

She is not just famous for her charm and good looks, but also her brilliant performances in several movies that she has done. Rekha Beauty Tips are very natural and simple and have been shared below.


Rekha understands the importance of her hair and takes good care of it. She uses a homemade pack which consists of curd, eggs and honey. She also massages her hair with coconut oil few times a week. This makes her hair bright, voluminous and very shiny. Rekha usually avoids fancy hair products or hair dryers because of their artificial nature.


skin care tips actress rekha

Rekha never goes to sleep without removing her makeup. She follows the daily skin routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. She also drinks a lot of water throughout the day which keeps her hydrated, removes all toxins and also helps her feel fresh, alive and active all the time.

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Rekha’s eyes are very bold, natural and expressive. She uses a considerable amount of liner and eye shadow to give her eyes an attractive and lovely shape. She also uses a bit of mascara to lift those eyelashes and give them an absolute diva appearance.


rekha diet

Eating right is very important for Rekha. She avoids deep fried or fatty foods and maintains a very healthy diet plan. Chapattis, curd, vegetables and salads are some of the basic parts of her eating habits and are responsible for her gorgeous and youthful looks. She is a typical vegetarian and believes in eating a lot of walnuts and pomegranates.

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Fitness Routine:

Rekha exercises about ten to fifteen minutes a day to stay healthy and in shape. She also enjoys gardening, dancing and home chores which partly explain the reason behind her active life and fabulous body. Yoga is also an important part of her fitness routine and she practices this daily to look young and attractive all the time.

Early Dinner:

actress rekha diet secrets

According to Rekha, there should be a two to three hour gap before dinner and sleep. Therefore she tries to finish her dinner by seven thirty pm. She believes that eating right is not the only important thing, but eating it at the right time is much more important and necessary.

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Spa Treatment:

Going to the spa daily is an important part of Rekha’s life. She understands the benefits of aromatherapy and ayurvedic massages because of which she gets daily massages and spas done at her home herself. Rekha really knows how to live a healthy, fit and disciplined life.

Makeup Tips:

Rekha loves her makeup a lot. She was the first one who started to use oil based makeup among her peers when the rest used makeup made of talc. She usually never needed a makeup artist and did her touch up on her own. The colours she uses are very bold and attractive and the outlook is very elegant and glamorous.

Getting Good Sleep:

Rekha believes in getting a good amount of rest and sleep before starting a new day. She goes to bed early at night and rises early as well. It gives her a lot of energy for the day and also gives her skin a very glowing and supple texture. No wonder this actress is always so fun and enthusiastic, despite her growing age.