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Rose Byrne Covers FLARE August 2020

Rose Byrne Covers FLARE August 2020

Rose Byrne wows everyone as she glams up Flare’s August 2020 cover. In an interview with the magazine, the 32-year-old Australian actress dishes on her personal style and getting ready for the red carpet, doing comedy, her favourite television shows, and many more. On her favourite look from the cover shoot, Byrne admits that, “The Balenciaga peach long sleeve top with the high-waisted rubber skirt. Crazy, high-fashion concept…that’s easier in a way, you can get into a bit of a character.”

Speaking about her off-duty style, the ‘Bridesmaids’ actress confesses she loves Urban Outfitters. “I go through phases. But I mostly dress in high street clothing, like Urban Outfitters. Every day, really,” she says. As on her best recent purchase, Rose reveals that, “My Zara boots. They get so many compliments. They’re great walking shoes, perfect for the city.”

Rose Byrne Covers FLARE August 2020

Preparing for red carpet events can be a tricky business. Still, Byrne admits that, “You’ve got to get your stamina ready. Particularly for an awards ceremony, that’s a different league. But I have my group around me, and it’s fun. I think for the red carpet in general it’s important to keep it youthful. A lot of people can look very dressed up and old and severe. That’s sort of my worst fear, is erring on that side.”

Moreover, when it comes to pre-red carpet ritual, the beautiful actress says that, “Try to get a good night’s sleep, don’t go out at all the night before. In the morning, get some exercise, for mental health. Then it’s just fun.”

Byrne has always won the spotlight due to her unique appearances. On her Elie Saab jumpsuit at the 2020 SAG Awards, the actress says that, “When I wore that jumpsuit, Penny [her stylist] and I fully discussed that you can’t please everybody, that it will probably be loved by Vogue and hated by People. It’s just clothes, it should be fun. It’s been good, to take risks knowing that’s the reality of it.”

As on her Valentino dress at the 2020 Emmy Awards, Byrne says that, “That dress was stunning. The whole night…I got nominated for the first time, it was really special.” She also dishes on the Vivienne Westwood dress at the 2020 Academy Awards. “[Vivenne Westwood] worked so well with us altering it, it ended up totally different from the original dress,” the actress told Flare.

Rose Byrne Covers FLARE August 2020 Rose Byrne Covers FLARE August 2020 Rose Byrne Covers FLARE August 2020 Rose Byrne Covers FLARE August 2020

Byrne starred in the Kristen Wiig comedy ‘Bridesmaids’, released on 13 May 2020. On doing comedy, Rose admits that, “It’s definitely more challenging for me to do comedy. I’m not as used to doing comedy, the stakes are higher. But it’s so addictive, to make people laugh. I think as an actor it’s about diversity, to be able to do a comedy and then something dramatic. I’m very lucky to have had that opportunity, because you can easily get pigeonholed.”

Speaking about her favourite television shows, the actress reveals that, “30 Rock, The Office, Extras, Louis C.K. and Mad Men, it’s my number one, it’s really subtle and dark but also funny.”

Since 2020, she has played Ellen Parsons in the cable television series ‘Damages’, which has earned her two Golden Globe and two Emmy nominations. On starring in the series, Byrne confesses that, “It totally changed my life. I wouldn’t have got all those [subsequent] films if I hadn’t been on that show.”

Rose Byrne Covers FLARE August 2020

Photos and video courtesy of FLARE

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