Sushmita Sen Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Sushmita Sen was the first Indian woman to be crowned Miss Universe in the year 1994. She started her modeling and acting career in Bollywood henceforth. She is a perfect example of beauty with brains as she is not only known for her slender figure and tall height but also for her wit and the way she carries herself through. She is extremely elegant and graceful, and her million dollar smile is still craved for. Let us now take a sneak-peek through her beauty secrets.

1. Keeping it Natural:

sushmita sen beauty tips

With growing older, women usually start a lot of chemical treatments which could make them look below their age, on the contrary when Sushmita was asked, what kept her gorgeous, she confessed that she had surrendered to nature and that is what kept her beautiful in her own way. She initially had started doing plasters but then she realized that it hid the real Sushmita under the layers. She took the initiative to get over the fright of aging and now she is happy with every new pimple, every strand of grey hair and every wrinkle she sees coming up. She believes that nothing can be more beautiful than what natured bestows upon someone.

2. Makeup:

Sushmita Sen has the dusky skin complexion which makes her look all the more graceful. She likes her makeup to reveal her happy and strong side. Her face makeup is usually what she prefer highlighting more in order to tone down the rest of her features. She applies a bronzer and somethings that you’d definitely find in her kitty are a Dior Bronze Blush, Chanel’s Automatic Liquid Liner, Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes in Copacabana Coffee and YSL Ever Long Mascara. Her must carries during outdoors are a lip balm, Olay Moisturizer and rose water.

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3. Hair Care:

Sushmita has got lovely thick and long hair which any hair dresser would like to play with. She likes to keep her hair moisturized by regular oiling and advices the same. She usually likes to keep her hair wavy and curl it up towards the tips.

4. Eye Makeup:

Like every actress even Sushmita Sen is fascinated by eye makeup and she usually uses Chanel’s Automatic Liquid Liner for painting her eyelids black and YSL Ever Long Mascara or her eyelashes. She always makes it a point to wash off her makeup and eye makeup before going to bed.

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5. Lip Makeup:

Sushmita Sen prefers a lot of lip glosses over lipsticks as those suit her more and make her look sensuous. Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes in Copacabana Coffee are her favorites and these are the colors which go with her complexions.

6. Skin Care:

To keep her skin glowing she often opts to apply orange and papaya juice on her skin. She drinks a lot of water and she uses sunscreen regularly and prefers using products which enhance her natural beauty. She often cleanses her skin making a scrub of gram flour and clotted cream.

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7. Diet Secrets:

In the mornings, she starts with a cup of ginger tea following a glass of vegetable juice along with three egg whites or porridge. At 10 AM she pops up a few pieces of almonds and a cup of coffee. For lunch she has a bowl of rice and dal along which vegetable curry or a piece of fish or meat. She prefers having fruits after lunch and for snacks she likes idlis or upma, with coffee.

8. Fitness Secrets:

Sushmita works out regularly to maintain herself. She does 15 minute power plate exercise on alternate days with an hour of Pilates, cardio and crunches. She also does yoga and pranayam for peace of mind and sleeps early.