Tamanna Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Tamanna is one of the leading Kollywood actresses at present who had started her career with a movie called ‘Happy Days’ and has shown a speedy improvement in her profession. She is a heartthrob for the youth because of her milky white skin and innocent looking face.

Tamanna Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets:

1. On Being Natural:

tamanna beauty tips

Tamanna goes a little different from what she bestows from the elders in her industry. She likes to keep herself aloof from cosmetic items as much as possible as she takes it as danger. She admits to the fact that she goes the natural way and sticks to products which are produced without processing or adulterating.

2. Makeup:

Tamanna shops from New York and Paris for the makeup she puts on her face and is very finicky about the brands she chooses. She uses a light foundation and blush for the cheeks. She quickly washes off her makeup as soon as she hears a ‘pack up’ from the shoot and also before going to bed to never misses out on her regular routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

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3. Hair Styles:

Tamanna has a patent style of blow drying her hair and getting it curled. That gives her a natural look like she always prefers. Other than that you would also spot her in smooth straight hair with fringes in front which adds a variation to her face.

4. Eye Makeup:

As she has always been very fond of ‘keeping it simple and natural’, she just uses a kohl kajal for her eye makeup on her usual times. Mascara for the eyelashes isn’t much to demand for either.

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5. Lip Makeup:

Tamanna likes to put more of lip glosses than matte lipsticks. With her complexion the light pink, peach, brown colors suit best with her million dollar charming smile.

6. Skin Care:

As we have read earlier that Tamanna tries to avoid chemical products, so the question arises, what does she apply instead? She takes out time from her busy schedule and tries to stick to home remedies for her skin. She makes a face pack mixing turmeric, besan and neem and uses it as a scrub. This makes her skin feel rejuvenated and opens the pores. Tamil people use Kadalai Maavu to remove dirt from face which she follows to use as well. She wipes her face with cold water after a tiring shoot to make her feel fresh.

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7. Diet and Nutrition Secrets:

Tamanna loves yogurt and being brought up in the South she also knows about all the nutritional values of yogurt. She tries to include it in every meal possible because it keeps her body cool and keeps her going through the long hours of shoot. She keeps herself hydrated with the intake of a huge amount fruit juices, soups and water throughout the day.  Her mornings start with a glass of lukewarm water with honey and lemon followed by almonds. As everyone of her age even she loves to eat a lot of chocolates, ice creams and she cannot resist to fried food. But because of what the industry demands she has to refuse these food items for her profession. She thinks a moderate amount of everything wouldn’t be much of harm.

8. Fitness Secrets:

Tamanna is considered as one of the most figure conscious actresses in Indian cinema. She makes it a point to work out for at least one hour a day. She hits the gym and is happy to have a dedicated trainer who always oversees her routine. Abs, crunches, weights, cardio and free hand exercises are a part of her regular routine. Yoga releases stress for her and she regularly practices yoga exercises to achieve a perfect shape.