Taylor Swift Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Taylor Swift is an American singer and lyricist. She is just 24 years old and has received a Grammy, achieving numerous single hits and is most appreciated for her country and narrative songs. She is very talented and witty and what makes people adore her all the more is very simple and humbled nature. She had started her career very young and soon reached heights with her album Fearless.

Taylor Swift Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets:

1. Naturally Pretty:

taylor swift beauty tips

Taylor Swift has smooth clear skin and doesn’t like wearing excess makeup. She is pretty and her curly blonde hair makes her look bubbly and innocent. She posses a great skin and avoids beauty blunders by just keeping herself simple. She chooses products very carefully and strictly follows a few rules. Her mother advice’s are the most important to her as she has been her mentor, especially when its makeup in concern.

2. Makeup:

Taylor is grateful to her mother who had introduced her to makeup. She admits that she was disastrous about makeup when she was small and her mother used to help her out and dress her up nicely in mid-school. Her regular makeup routine includes eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, a lash curler, natural brown eye shadows and a Kate Somerville moisturizer.

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3. Hair Care:

The singer loves to experiment with her hair though she never wishes to dye them as she is afraid of damage. She re-curls her hair during shows to make it look smoother and for that she used a Conair Ceramic Instant Heat Spiral Styler. For a bad hair day she chooses to braid her hair sideways and not bother them.

4. Eye Makeup:

Taylor was in a plane, traveling to Japan when she had no makeup with her, so she went into the washroom and applied Sharpie to line her eyes! Since then she started using liquid liner as she figured out that they looked good on her. Taylor’s signature eye makeup is the cat eyed which she draws simply by extending the bottom lid upward and takes a help for the eyeliner.

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5. Lip Makeup:

Taylor loves the red lipstick. If she is too tired to put a lot of makeup then she just applies the Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Hot, which are the red lipsticks of the brand and she has a unique way of applying it. She puts one layer and blots in with tissue, puts another layer and blots again and finally places the tissue of lips.

6. Skin Care:

Taylor applies Body Shop Coconut Body Butter on her skin which makes her feel like she is in a tropical island. She applies sun block before she steps out in the sun and makes it a point to moisturize her skin before going to bed and before makeup in the mornings.

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7. Diet Secrets:

Taylor Swift doesn’t follow crash diets, she is foodie and she loves to cook and eat. She prefers a heavy breakfast and then keeping it light throughout the day. She avoids beverages with sugar like tinned drinks or coffee. She religiously intakes a lot of water for which she is called an alien by her friends. She sticks to yogurt, salads and sandwiches during weekdays but breaks all rules during weekends.

8. Fitness Secrets:

It’s funny how Taylor doesn’t even have an inch of fat but still works out really hard to maintain herself. She doesn’t work out to lose weight but she believes in keeping healthy and fit and thus she regularly hits the gym. No matter where she is or how busy she is, she makes it a point to do one hour of cardio exercises. Apart from that she loves running on the treadmill.