Top 10 Pictures of Bar Refaeli Without Makeup

Israel has donated a lot of beautiful models such as Nina Brosh, Michaela Bercu to America and now Bar Refaeli. She is one of the most recognized faces in the world of fashion and beauty. This television host and actress is one of the famous faces in Hollywood. She is 30 year old now and still looks like she is rocking her 20s. It is obvious for a lot of people to have a misconception regarding her beauty. Well, some people cross the limit sometimes by saying that whatever she is because of makeup. For now, it can be said to them to pay attention to the following pictures.

1. Those Eyes:

bar refaeli without makeup

Bar does have alluring eyes and her natural beauty will persuade you to think again before questioning her natural allure. This picture depicts the beauty lying in her face, which she gained at the time of birth. Thus, this picture can be said to be one of the best Bar Refeli without makeup pictures that you will come through.

2. The True Face:

Bar Refaeli Without Makeup 2

Looking her best self has always been the sole intention of this Israeli model. Her naturally alluring face is probably her best companion and she can step out into the stage without putting on high-end mascara.

3. Probable Blemishes:

Bar Refaeli Without Makeup 3

Blemishes. Everyone gets them and Bar Refaeli is not an exception in this case. Even her divine face cannot be said to be flawless. Sometimes she also breaks down with the pain of the severe flaws in her skin. But her inner allure still gives her he confidence to be strong and pose in the best way possible.

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4. The Alluring Selfie:

Bar Refaeli Without Makeup 4

If you ware in for looking at some Bar Refaeli without makeup pictures, then this is probably one of the best ones out there. This picture does reveal her real face and shows that she is not all about makeup. There is a naturally beautiful side of her face which most haters tend to ignore.

5. Before The Beauty Job:

Bar Refaeli Without Makeup 5

This selfie was clicked by the diva herself, before putting on makeup. She was trying to display her inner beauty depicted through her face in this selfie pic.

6. Music For Fun:

Bar Refaeli Without Makeup 6

This business woman does find time from her super busy schedule to have some crazy fun, since after all these models are also human and sometimes music is one of the best mental healers to get over the foul statements of the haters. It is one of the best Bar Refaeli without makeup pictures of all time.

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7. Caught Strolling:

Bar Refaeli Without Makeup 7

This picture shows the evening rituals of this super model. Like most women, she also loves taking evening strolls and take a break from her super busy life.

8. Mixing In The Crowd:

Bar Refaeli Without Makeup 8

Fame can sometimes be a blood sucker and apparently, for Bar Refaeli it gets hard to tackle the naysayers and move forwards. This is why, sometimes she likes to indulge in the life of a normal person and enjoy her life that way. Again, beauty products are not a remedy for her. She ignores them as much as possible.

9. The Blonde Look:

Bar Refaeli Without Makeup 9

Bar’s blonde hair makes her look even more beautiful. It is as if her hair complements her looks and allows her to pose without sporting makeup on her face.

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10. Shopping Peppers:

Bar Refaeli Without Makeup 10

Bar Refaeli was spotted shopping at a local clothing store. Like most of the times, she was trying to get mixed in the crowd of normal people and live a life like them. It is these moments which allow her sometimes to live such a life, without much trouble makers such as the paparazzi.