Top 10 Pictures of Emily Blunt Without Makeup

The British actress, Emily Blunt also has an American origin. Emily Olivia Leah Blunt is her full name and she has a made a name for herself in Hollywood by taking part in some of the best produced films ever. Her natural beauty if quite often revealed in the movies and of course, she sports her no makeup face when she is not working. Because of her awesome acting skills, she was named as the best new comer, when she started her acting career with The Royal Family. Let us discuss some of the best pictures of this woman, where she sports her totally natural face.

Beautiful Emily Blunt Without Makeup With Images:

1. At The Airport:

Emily Blunt Without Makeup 1

If you’re looking for pictures of Emily Blunt without makeup, then this can be said to be one of the best ones out there. This picture of Emily and her husband was clicked at the airport, where the English actress appeared to be not wearing any kind of beauty product on her face.

2. The Girl With Spectacles:

Emily appears to be looking totally makeup-free in this picture. She was sporting no makeup on her face and was sporting her totally natural face, even when she was aware that she was being photographed.

3. The Divine Beauty:

Emily Blunt Without Makeup 3

Here, we can see the divine and unique facial beauty of English actress Emily Blunt. She looks so amazing in this picture. This can be said to be one of the best ones out there and is a great display of this woman’s natural beauty.

4. She Is Unique:

Emily Blunt Without Makeup

Emily Blunt is the last of her kind. She is a confident woman, who has nothing to hide and can easily show off her bare face as she is confident about her natural beauty.

5. The Alluring Couple:

Emily Blunt Without Makeup 5

If you’re looking for Emily Blunt without makeup, then this is one of the best ones you will ever come through. Here, you can get a great view of the natural beauty of this woman. Her facial appeal is totally unique. It looks even better, when combine that with her face texture.

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6. The Without Makeup Interview:

Emily Blunt Without Makeup 6

Emily Blunt once appeared in an interview, where she was looking totally makeup-free without sporting any makeup on her face. She was living up her casual lifestyle like most of the time and was truly revealing her inner allure.

7. Beauty Check:

Emily Blunt Without Makeup 7

This picture of the English actress was clicked, while she was sporting her without makeup face. Her outfit seemed to suit her and that this why this is one of the best Emily Blunt no makeup pictures ever. One can easily fall in love with the natural beauty of this woman by just looking at her for once.

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8. The Car Picture:

Emily Blunt Without Makeup 8

Emily was snapped without wearing any makeup, while she was arriving at an event with her husband. She was looking very simple yet very attractive. This is one of the finest Emily Blunt without make up pictures, you will ever come through.

9. The Natural Face:

Emily Blunt Without Makeup 9

This is a still from one of Emily’s really successful movies. She appeared totally makeup-free in this particular scene since, she had to play the part of a soldier. This woman can look really amazing when she just sports her natural face, not makeup.

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10. Those Eyes:

Emily Blunt Without Makeup 10

Emily does have beautiful eyes and her natural allure cannot definitely be compared with anything out there. She is probably one of the best-looking women out there, who doesn’t need to put on makeup to look alluring. She can just sport her alluring face and look attractive, like she does in this particular picture.

In this article, you are provided with Emily Blunt’s natural beauty. One can’t simply look so alluring like Emily, without putting on makeup. But this woman can as she has been gifted with naturally alluring face and her natural beauty cannot be emphasized enough with those mere beauty products.

Emily Blunt is probably one of the very few actresses in the Hollywood film business, who looks so awesome without a bit of makeup on her face.