Top 10 Pictures of Sophia Bush without Makeup

Sophia Bush is an American actress and is also is a famous activist. She has played her part as a film director and is famous spokesperson as well. This woman has her life totally figured out and always plays the role of the naturally beautiful woman quite often. This article will provide you with some of the best pictures of this woman, where she sports her totally real look.

1. Woman with no Makeup:

Sophia Bush without Makeup

This picture brings out the reality behind the face of this celebrity. Her natural face is really alluring and people who see her this way in this way for the fist time are totally shocked in a good way.

2. The Blonde Lines:

Sophia Bush without makeup2

This woman surely looks good, when she rocks the blonde look. This picture revels the naturally alluring face of Sophia. She is the pride of America in terms of working woman who are quite pretty as well.

3. Morning Fitness Routine:

Sophia Bush out and about

If you are interested in some Sophia Bush without makeup picture, then this is a pretty good one. It shows the totally real face of this beautiful woman. She looks totally fine without sporting any makeup at all. She is probably on of the best looking women of her age (33) and that is all because of her natural beauty.

4. Dog Girl:

Sophia Bush without makeup4

Sophia is often seen with her dog. She was looking very alluring when this picture was taken and we can only imagine the reaction of the surrounding people and the cameraman, when he saw this celebrity smile back at the camera.

5. The Walk:

Sophia Bush without makeup5

Sophia was looking very beautiful in that dress as she locked hands while walking with her hubby. This can be claimed to be one of the best Sophia Bush no makeup pictures you will ever see.

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6. The with and without Makeup Picture:

Sophia Bush without makeup3

This is quite a good comparison of the with and the without makeup look of this woman. One can easily recognize this 33 years old woman, even when she brings out her true face in front of the camera.

7. Beautifying The Pathway:

Sophia Bush without makeup7

Sophia was again photographed with her no makeup look, while she was walking the streets with her totally natural face. This picture can be said to be one of the best looking Sophia Bush no makeup pictures of all time, that one will ever come through.

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8. The Simple Woman:


Sophia likes to sport her natural, that is the no-makeup face, whenever she gets a chance. This funloving woman was spotted walking the streets in her casual clothes.

9. Young Sophia:

Sophia Bush without makeup9

If case you are looking for some Sophia Bush no makeup pictures, this is a great one. The picture reveals the totally real face of Sophia. She seems to be rocking the real face without any hesitation. This picture of Sophia was clicked while she was really young. Her faceis like flawless. There is not a single defect on her face.

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10. Grabbing Some Coffee:

Sophia Bush without makeup10

Sophia Bush was seen crossing the streets after grabbing some coffee in her outfit. She was trying to hide hertotally makeup-free face from the sharp vision of paparazzi with the help of sunglasses.