Top 13 Pictures of Nicki Minaj Without Makeup

Nicki Minaj is quite popular and famous celebrity singer. Known for her beauty, style statement as well as her talent for rapping skills all around the world, we are used to seeing the celebrity on camera too much. But did you ever see Nicki Minaj without makeup?

Nicki Minaj without Makeup Main

This women of beauty and natural icon’s real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. This multi talented woman has her albums and songs famous all over the globe, but we do not get to see her natural face anywhere! In this article, we will see the celebrity icon real pictures in life, scenes behind the camera and her secret beauty through these pictures of no makeup Nicki Minaj.

13 Unseen Pictures of Nicki Minaj without Makeup:

Moments of Nicki Minaj without makeup are caught live on camera. Read more to see the no makeup Nicki Minaj looks in the raw and real form!

1. The without Makeup Look:

Nicki Minaj without Makeup 1

If you’re looking for Nicki Minaj without makeup pictures, then this is probably the best one out there. The picture clearly shows the natural face of this woman. It looks like, she can get quite the attention, even when she is wearing no makeup. Her pout and the unique expression took the internet by storm when the picture became viral. Her natural and real face is hardly known by many!

2. The Close Up Picture:

Nicki Minaj without Makeup 2

This selfie picture of Nicki is quite a good one. In this Nicki without makeup pic, she just applied bold eyeliner only. Here, she shows off her natural face to her fans. This is a great way to connect your lovers on the other side. Make them feel that you’re just like them, natural.

3. The Pre-Makeup Selfie:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 3

This selfie was taken at the perfect moment. It shows the without makeup face of Nicki, just before she put on some makeup. This one is where Nicki without makeup is flaunting her hair curls out with simple, bold eyes and no makeup look. She looks cute and adorable in this one. It is a great one if you are looking for pictures of Nicki Minaj without makeup.

4. The Very First:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 13

Nicki is very few of those female rappers that have achieved such massive success. She just made a pathway for other female rappers. She truly is an inspiration for those who want to do something big in life. Seen here is Nicki flaunting her kiddish and bubbly expression before her camera. She is seen to reveal her naughty self in this picture. This is one of the best Nicki Minaj without makeup pictures.

5. Done with Mascara:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 5

This picture can probably say to be one of the best pictures out there that can truly show Nicki’s real beauty. She has a nice face, and her natural beauty speaks for itself. Her gifted allure probably needs no help from beauty products. Given that Nicki is selfie queen, her pics of Nicki Minaj without makeup is quite taking down the internet with her bubbliness and chirpy nature.

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6. The No Makeup Shock:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 6

There are some people out there, who will be shocked by the way Nicki looks, even when she wears no makeup at all. She looks quite beautiful, and this can be said to be one of the best looks for a woman, who is confident enough to avoid her beauty products for a while and reveal her true beauty. This picture was taken during her time going to swim and relaxation when it is her holiday and resting day!

7. That Washed Down Look:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 7

Nicki shed down all her makeup before taking this without makeup selfie. If you’re looking for pictures of Nicki Minaj without makeup, then this is probably the best ones you will come across. Here, we see her natural look along with her alluring eyes. Every angle of the face of this woman looks beautiful. This is among the most famous images of Nicki Minaj without makeup.

8. The with and without Makeup Comparison:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 8

Here, we have two pictures of Nicki Minaj, one with makeup and one without one. She looks dazzling in the left one. She looks a bit different in the without makeup one (right), but still, it is quite beautiful for impressing people pretty quickly. It does not show much of difference in terms of beauty when coming to Nicki Minajno makeup appearance. She looks the same as beautiful and alluring as it is!

9. Sun Kissed Skin:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 14

Here, we can Nicki not being afraid of the rays of the sun. Instead, she enjoys the sun as she exposes her whole body to it and also her without makeup face. This picture of Nicki without makeup is taken when she is out on the beachside wanting to have fun during her holidaying times with dear ones.


10. The Car Selfie:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 10This is a pretty elaborate view of the natural awesomeness of Nicki Minaj. She looks so attractive in this picture that anyone will quickly fall in love with her. This particular picture will be suitable for those who are looking for Nicki Minaj without makeup pictures. Here, Nicki flaunts her makeup-free face pretty comfortably and seems to be OK with her fans inspecting her real beauty pretty often.

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11. The No Makeup Bathroom Picture:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 11

This is yet another without makeup picture of this infamous woman, which reveals the true facial beauty. She looks simple and has that bubbly innocent touch to face. She can say to be one of the most naturally beautiful female rappers to step foot in the music industry ever. Besides her talent, her natural allure and impress people pretty quickly, and one thing is for sure, that people do like seeing her on the stage and do enjoy her performances. They like her alluring face combined with her hip hop (rap) culture music. Most of that allure is dependent on her natural beauty, which was not provided to her by some makeup artists. She was born with that beauty, and with age, that beauty just reached towards perfection.

12. The Bright Allure:

Nicki Minaj without Makeup 12

Nicki’s bright face surely says how awesome-looking this woman is. She is one of the very few women out there, who can look like this without the assistance of any beauty products. She is aware of her gifted beauty, and this is why she flaunts it quite often to impress her lovers and followers. This is among quite bold images of Nicki Minaj without makeup. It is taken when she was younger, and her beauty transformation is on the way!

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15. Women in Red:

Niciki Minaj without Makeup 15

This picture of Nicki in a red dress is fantastic. It is one of the best without makeup pictures of Nicki Minaj, where we can have a clear sight of her natural allure along with her toned physique. This is among our top favourite Nicki Minaj no makeup look which is quite popular as well. Her physique and beauty are during transformation at the point of time when the picture was taken.

Additional Tips:

Here are tips and suggestions from our side on how best to take care of skin and beauty regime for good and no makeup beauty,

  1. Looking gorgeous even without makeup is quite possible only when good care is taken of skin and face.
  2. Deep cleansing face helps to achieve this target of looking beautiful inside out.
  3. Keeping simple makeup is always good for skin than keeping bold and heavy makeup.
  4. Always have a regular massage on face and skin to improve blood circulation and bring in shine and glow to the face.
  5. Do not have junk and processed foods as it may have side effects on the skin. Rather prefer to have healthy foods only.
  6. Make sure to always cleanse face thrice a day without chemicals and soap with plain water.

These pictures of Nicki Minaj without makeup are quite revealing as well as shocking. Given that we are used to seeing her without makeup often, these shocked us quite well. However, it is good to know her real beauty, right! She looks adorable and is beautiful inside out. Let us know your thoughts!

People Also Ask:

1. Did Nicki Minaj do cosmetic surgery?

While most of the times Nicki Minaj did not accept on having cosmetic surgery, many reports mention that the singer went through one for elongating her face a bit and reworking on her nose. However, if reports are to be alleged, the singer did go for plastic surgery.

2. What is Nicki Minajskin care?

Nicki’s skincare is to vouch for cleansing and well-toned face. She focuses on looking beautiful through her overall skincare and also lifestyle. She emphasizes on face cleanser and also on a diet. Hence NickiMinaj fitness and Nicki Minaj workout are quite given importance given that the singer believes that active lifestyle and workout is what makes you look beautiful overall in the skin.

3. Who is Nicki Minaj makeup artist?

Nicki’s new favourite makeup artist is Sheika Daley. She loves her signature makeup and bold looks hence the makeup focuses on eyes and overall face tone quite a bit.