Victoria Beckham Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Victoria Beckham is a singer turned fashion designer from Harlow, and is even famous for international football player David Beckham. She is a diva because of her immense fashion sense and the way she gracefully carries herself. She is a mother of four but still manages to keep herself looking young and she even shares the secret. She confessed that she has learnt to ditch self tan which makes her look like she is aging.

Skin Care:

Victoria Beckham gets anti-aging facials which contains ingredients like sheep placenta and gold flakes. These keep her skin young and healthy. She gets it done from Dr. Harold Lancer in Beverly Hills and these treatments with gold particles and animal stem cells cost around $500. Victoria is a true devotee of Dr. Lancer’s products and she says that they have given her very quick results, making her skin glow and reducing wrinkles.


Victoria Beckham is not a makeup freak. She doesn’t always wear makeup but when she does she likes to do it the right way. She loves the foundation and eye shadows of Stila. She uses a simple body cream, the moisturizer by Wedela. The cream is thick and blends nicely on her dry hands, knees and elbows and it doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy residue. This hydrating cream costs only $19 and contains vitamin E, organic sunflower seed oil and rosemary leaf extract to sooth and treat severe dryness. She also loves to use Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream. She says that it is versatile and can be applied on face, body and lips.

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Victoria has regularly used the Lip Polish in Gleam of Stila but now lately shifted to Burberry’s Lip Glow in Nutmeg, as it gives her a neutral pink tint. She loves lip glosses and says that if she had to design a beauty product she would design a nude lip gloss. She also keeps her lips hydrated with Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream.


Victoria Beckham loves to get her eyes smokey and that is one of her recent obsessions. She smudges her liner beneath the lashes and draws two more lines to make it deep. She is also concentrating on her eye brows which she used to neglect before. She tries not to get them over plucked.

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Hair Care:

Victoria loves different styles for her hair and she is bold enough to even get in short and try out different looks with it. Whether short or long, she never misses out to get her look suited with her hair style. The best product she uses for her hair is a leave-in conditioner of Frederic Fekkai. It keeps her hair smooth and glossy.


Apart from her anti-aging facial treatments, Beckham also gets two more types of facials done. One is ‘The Dracula Facial’ which makes her skin look young and healthy. The other one is Gold Leaf Facial which again is to make her look younger. This facial fights against radicals which are prone to skin damage.

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Diet Secrets:

Victoria follows a healthy diet routine. Her daily diet is inclusive of grilled fish, smoked salmon, alimentary paste, scrambled eggs, yellow-fin tuna, sushi salad, sandwiches and blueberry smoothies. She has reduced salt and sugar consumption. She breaks the rules once a week and east what she loves to along with her favorite champagne.

Fitness Secrets:

Victoria hits the gym daily and runs on the treadmill for 5-6 miles a day. That, for her is the best cardio exercise. She is fond of athletic sports which tones down legs, arms and abdomen and burns 400 calories in an hour.