15 Different Types of Silver Bangles for Women

Silver bangles are the epitome of style. Silver bangles are alluring bangles that gracefully support your wrists and highlight your discerning sense of personal flair. If you’re probably looking for a great jewelry that you can wear at any occasion, choosing the silver bangle maybe the best choice that can easily match with all the outfits, either the formal or casual. One of the best options when you look into the matching jewelry with your outfit is the silver jewelry.


If you are looking for a more classy option, you may go with the silver bangles. One of the greatest things with the silver bangles is that they can enhance the beauty of your personality nothing else others. They are positive giving you the self esteem which will set you apart from others.

Silver Bangles Designs for Women:

Here are numerous silver bangle designs which have been drafted to get your own ideas about the silver bangles. Try this silver bangle designs for a feminine look!

1. Marcasite Silver Bangle:


This Marcasite silver bangles made with a beautiful rounded beats and stones at the top will give the tradition look for your hands. These bangles are available in various shapes, styles, and designs. Within the Silver bangle designs, you may find twisted bangles, zigzag bangles, thick and thin bangles, hinged bangle and bangles with stones and gems. This bangle is linked together and is very well made for suiting the vintage collection, which gives an elegant look for the worn people.

2. Engraved Sterling Silver Bangle:


The Engraved sterling silver bangle with an elegant leaf and floral pattern can be designed and polished with the silver material which will be shiny and oxidized to give the great and rich look to your hand. This is a hand-crafted one designed by a great craftsmanship that suits all kind of occasions. This fine hand-crafted leaf and flower design on the bangle will give a gorgeous look for the wearers.

3. Heart Charming Bangle Design Made Of Silver:


A gorgeous and simple sterling silver bangle is handmade. You can boldly display your vivacious disposition with this stunning heart charming bangles. In ancient days, peoples have the hope that wearing bangles will bring them the lucky charm and prosperity. This heart charming bangle gives a simple and modern look to woman of all ages.

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4. Contemporary Silver Bangle:


This contemporary silver bangle is a modern accessory for any occasion being perfect for your casual or a formal. This is a kind of bangle that is hand crafted and decorated with silver material. This silver bangle will add a unique touch to your outfit and it can also be made with sterling silver wired by reticulated techniques. The texture of this bangle is comfortable for your everyday wear.

5. Jeep Silver Bangle:


The Jeep climbing a hill is the central charm on this beautiful bangle. This bangle made with the silver can be fine handcrafted with minute designs and the tiny jeep will gives the cutest look ever. Silver bangles for women are the primary choice as it gives a simple look that suits any kind of dress you wear. Jeep bangle is a customized design as it was attached with heavy wire rings and the silver metal was plated on the center of bangle.

6. Silver Bangle With Quotes:


This custom-made bangle was designed with the great theme and it can be suitable for gifting to best friends and your loved one. This bangle is featured with stainless silver and is a perfect gift for friends, lovers giving a new and fresh look to your hands.

7. Horseshoe Design Silver Bangle:


Horseshoe bangle design is a perfect choice of woman accessory that gives aesthetics and modern look to the hand of the wearer. It can be made with careful design that gets beautifully suited on the wrist and your hands. This bangle having the reflective surfaces and clean lines gives simple, modern and a classy look for the wearers.

8. Turquoise Silver Bangle:


The turquoise silver bangle has the set of features with a beautifully designed silver antique design to deliver a traditional look and it can be a perfect choice to be worn on any kind of occasions like wedding ceremonies and other functions. The bangle is decorated with soft blue color enameled beats, which give the contrast look to the silver based bangle.

9. Geometric Bangle:

silver bangles

The geometric bangle is specially made with geometrical shape that gives a different look from other bangle designs. This bangle design is an extravagant design to decorate your wrists and wearing this will suit all kind of outfits. They give the really cool look and it contains a triangle, circle, rectangular and square shape designs.

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10. Silver Blossom Bangle:


The sterling blossom bangle is very delicate and romantic and this is a perfect additional accessory to girl’s wrist!! There are 3 lovely cherry cascaded together with blossoms across the front side of this bangle giving a cutest and unique look. The center of this bangle blossoms designed with bolded silver.

11. Traditional Meenakari Design Bangle:


Traditional silver bangles are specially made for wedding functions and other occasions. A fabulous crafted Indian bangle with traditional Indian art work named as “Meenakari” gives the meaning of royalty, richness and never forgets to give traditional look. It can be simply made with masterful craftsmanship that displays beautiful colors and art work. Women’s silver bangles are available in various online stores in india. By using the right websites for your bangles and you can choose your best one.

12. Rajasthan Silver Bangle Design:


Rajasthan silver bangle is an antique design available probably from late 19th century. This bangle is high graded with silver material and normally worn just above the elbow and originated, from Rajasthan, northern India. A flexible silver bangle has the old style of multiple, interlocking, with a top and bottom loop through a fiber cord that gives a stunning look when compared with other designs.

13. Vintage Sterling Silver Bangle Design:


The vintage sterling silver bangle gives the stunning look to your wrists. The bangle designed with sterling silver and decorated with tiny beats, at thrice side which give the simple and an elegant look. Silver bangle bracelet also available in fashion world matches with the bangles. Silver bangle set is a perfect set for your any kind of outfit which gives an elegant and modern appearance.

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14. Stone With Silver Bangle:


Silver bangle has the variety of designs with variety of shapes and these are also available in stones and gem stones. These bangles are decorated with multi colored stones is a perfect match for wedding and other occasion.it can be ornamented with multi-color stones which gives the traditional look from the other designs.

15. Wavy Solid Silver Bracelet:


The curved silver stacking bangle is a great choice as the everyday accessory that looks fabulous and if you’re interested to worn this classy and simple bangles, this is the right choice for your wrists. The silver bangles are made with solid wire that has been manipulated, soldered and polished. The irregular unique curves of this bangle give a dynamic appearance.

Storing your bangles properly will make your investment on the treasure well worth it. You can keep your bangles inside a separate plastic bag so that they won’t get scratched with one another. When you expose your silver bangles to perspiration, and humid conditions, handle them carefully as the lovely silver sheen will become affected through oxidation. You will have to get rid of your silver bangle accessory at that stage.

These pure silver bangles are available at many stores in india. You’ll just have to make sure that these silver bangles came from a reputable store. This is how you can get what is worth the value of money you will be spending on these jewels. Wear these silver bangles and change your old look into new one.