15 Indian Mens Bracelet Designs in Gold

The origin of bracelet dates back to Greek and Egyptian cultures. The origin of the word bracelet is from the Greek word ‘brachile’ which means ‘of the arm’, via the Old French ‘bracel’. Bracelets have recently become a fashion statement and it is becoming popular with both men as well as women. Children, youngsters as well as middle aged people are fast catching up on the latest trends and designs in bracelets.

gold bracelets for men

Gold Bracelets for Men look elegant and easy to carry off with many different outfits. The bracelet is multiform and is a favorite ornament these days. It can be of gold, silver, copper, brass, glass and even enameled earthenware, and can be of many designs.

Latest Mens Gold Bracelet Designs:

Gold bracelets are an excellent gifting option for weddings and other special occasions. Here we will have a look into the various gold bracelets for men.

1. Gold Bracelet With Indian Designs:


The most common form of a bracelet is the Indian style bracelets made of gold. Gold is considered as the most auspicious metal and hence wearing a gold bracelet adds to more charm. Gold, being the most popular metal, generally, goes well and blends with all skin tones in men and gives them a suave look.

2. Men Gold Bracelet With Diamonds:


One can never go wrong with gold and diamonds. Diamonds and gold are a classic combination and give that really classy look in the hands of the wearer. Diamonds studded in a gold bracelet gives a new look to the bracelet and generally catches the eyes of the one seeing the bracelet. The natural shine of the diamonds get enhanced when used with gold to make a bracelet.

3. Rudraksha Gold Bracelet for Men:


Rudraksha is usually used as a prayer bead in Hinduism, known as Lord Shiva’s tear drops. The seed form (Rudraksha) from the tree is used in making bracelets with metals like silver, gold etc. Rudraksha is generally worn by people who are constantly traveling to channel one’s own energy in the right direction and also worn by people who want to get settled down. The very idea of getting the beads made into a gold bracelet is very unique. Clubbing Rudraksha with gold to make a bracelet can serve both the purposes.

4. Golden Charm Bracelets for Boys:


A charm bracelet is one of the fastest catching jewellery trends in today’s time. The golden personal charm bracelet can have decorative pendants or trinkets in gold which can be an indication of many important things in the wearer’s life. The golden charm bracelet can also be paired up with wrist watches or other trendy wrist accessories too.

5. Tiger Line Golden Bracelet for Adults:


Tiger line golden bracelets signify power, boldness and command. Men can wear the Tiger line Golden Bracelets on the right wrist. The powerful face of the tiger further adds depth to one’s personality sighting willpower and personal strength.

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6. Mens Golden Bracelets With Leather Strap:


Men who like to have an element and hint of gold with leather can go for bracelets of these kinds. They look good and classy with the leather strap and gold adds to the coolness quotient of the bracelet. Since this bracelet has hints of gold and is with the leather base, the bracelet doesn’t look very blingy.

7. Mens Bracelets With Gold And Silver:


Golden bracelets with both silver and gold also look very subtle and charming. The additions of both the elements give a different look to the bracelet and can also be worn on a daily basis also. The bracelets can be very light weight and can be worn by youngsters and elders alike.

8. Tungsten Plated Gold Bracelet for Men:


The bracelets with the finish of tungsten and gold can be a hit for youngsters. They can experiment with different metals and designs. Gold as an element goes well with any fashion jewellery piece like bangles, rings or bracelets. Young college boys can wear the tungsten plated gold bracelets for creating a style statement of their own.

9. Turkish Gold Bracelets:


There has been a worldwide increase in the demand for Turkish gold over past few years. The Turkey market is one of the biggest consumers for gold. Since then, the love for Turkish gold is also on the rise with many jewellery pieces being made in Turkish Gold. Bracelets in Turkish gold look stunning with that shine and lustre of gold being clearly visible in the jewellery. The bracelets stand out as they define the status and class of the person.

10. Rose Gold Bracelets for Men:


Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy used widely for specialized jewellery. Rose gold jewelry is becoming more popular in the 21st century and is commonly used for rings, bracelets, and other jewellery. It is also known as red gold and pink gold depending on the copper content in it. Rose gold bracelets are for luxury and high end people as they are on the expensive side.

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11. Mens Golden Flat Bracelets:


Golden flat bracelets are worn usually by the groom during Indian weddings for their unique structured appearance. As these bracelets are flat, they easily fall on the wrist and blends well with the traditional look of the Indian groom.

12. Thin Golden Mens Bracelets:


Thin golden bracelets can be used by men of all age group for everyday wear. It adds a definition to ones personality as well as enhances the look of the hands. They are not that heavy and are structured in such a way that anyone can carry off the bracelet easily. They look elegant on the person wearing the bracelet.

13. Golden Chain Mens Bracelets:


A thin golden chain in the form of a bracelet is one of the best ways for men to add definition and style to their overall looks. The bracelet looks simple and can be for everyday wear. It can be paired up with some funky bands, other bracelets etc. for a different look every day.

14. Golden Bracelets for Men With Name:


One of the classic personalized jewellery can be a golden bracelet with one’s name on it. The name can be carved separately in gold and attached to the bracelet chain or else the name can be engraved on the bracelet itself. The personalized bracelet looks chic and can there be a better way to flaunt your name than this?

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15. Golden Bracelets for Men With Evil Eye:


“Evil eye” is becoming popular these days in key chains, rings, car key chains etc. Evil eyes are used to ward off glares from people believed to cause misfortune or ill luck. Evil eyes can be used in a golden bracelet and can be worn every day to stay away from malevolent glares from people. Rather than tying evil eye in a string or a thread, the same can be incorporated in a bracelet to be used.

Men are also very fashion conscious and want to keep their style statement updated. Bracelets are the coolest way to have one’s own fashion style statement. Golden bracelets with unique styles, designs and looks give a new definition to a man’s personality. Golden bracelets for men are very cool and are absolutely perfect from any age group. While using non- verbal communication like hands for gestures while talking, bracelets will add definition to the hand movements and will convey the message across.