15 Indian Traditional Toe Rings for Women with Images

Toe rings have been an important jewellery for the married woman. It is a ritual in the Indian and mostly the Hindu culture to gift toe rings popularly known as Buchwald to the newly wedded brides from her parents. When gifted in silver to the bride, it brings good fortune, love and blessings for a better life from the parents.

toe rings

The toe ring is widely worn in the second toe which goes through the uterus and reaches the heart. The toe ring hence strengthens the uterus by passing blood from the heart. But with the passing time, the toe ring designs have also changed from classic to trendy.

Different Types of Toe Rings Jewellery for Indian Women:

Let’s have a glance on the top 15 designs of toe rings in silver and gold selected by the women.

1. Simple Strand Gold Toe Ring :


A simple looking toe ring made from gold gives a simplified look to the regular wearer. The design of the ring is made with four gold strands which gives a sophisticated look to the toe. The design signifies fertility, growth and immorality. Such design is inspired by the tribal designs.

2. Wave Design Toe Rings for Daily Wear:


A toe ring image inspired by the nature is the wave design. The gold ring is given the shape of a wave on the oceans. It is a classic design for regular wear on every outfit. The design symbolises strength, love, power, mystery etc.

3. Silver Toe Ring with Diamond:


A toe ring made from sterling silver and diamonds gives a shiny and marvellous look on special occasions. The design is made with sterling silver and diamonds are studded to it for an attractive look. The ring is given an adjustable design which fits to any toe.

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4. Gemstone Toe Ring and Meanings:


Looking for something meaningful to wear! Or want to gift a special gift to the December born! A toe ring with a turquoise gemstone is the best design. The gemstone is studded in silver or platinum which ever you wish. The design with a turquoise gemstone represents protection against evil or negative vibes. It also symbolises fortune, friendship and fidelity.

5. Sunflower Toe Ring Gold:


Want to wear something which matches the sunshine in summer. Try a gold toe ring giving the design of a sunflower. The sunflower design is made with gold and studded in silver ring. It symbolises loyalty, adoration and vitality.

6. Tortoise Silver Toe Ring Design:


Want to wear something trendy for regular basis! A ring design for the toe made out with oxidase gives a marvellous look. It is best worn of ethnic dresses for Navratri, but girls also wear it for regular wear. The design symbolises good luck, fortune and longevity.

7. Triple Toe Rings Silver:


A silver toe ring design with a different and attractive look for the bridal look. The three fish design rings are worn of the toes in a line. The silver ring or rings are made with silver and studded with emeralds to add to its design. Last but not the least, cute silver jingles are added to it for a musical effect. It raises the glamorous look a level high of the new bride.

8. Traditional South Indian Toe Ring:


Want to have a traditional look. A Indian toe ring design made out of silver gives a traditional look on ethnic and sarees. It is still a popular design worn in villages. The design is made with silver and tiny design is embossed on it. The design is widely used for regular wear.

9. Colourful Toe Ring Anklet:


Want to wear a colourful design for your leg! Try a toe ring anklet design made in gold and studded with several colourful stones. The anklet is given a floral design attached to the toe ring with a single strand. It represents love, happiness and respect.

10. Infinity Toe Ring:


A magnetic toe ring design made with the design of infinity gives a good and simplified personality to the wearer. It is widely chosen on casuals specially capri and skirts. The design is made with a silver or sterling silver. The design symbolises empowerment, eternity and long lasting love.

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11. Amazing Black Stone Toe Ring:


Black stone designs have always been attractive. Similarly a toe ring studded with black stone in an oval shape looks amazing. The stone is studded in a silver or sterling silver toe ring. The design gives a chic look on casuals, long skirts and also on choli for Navratri. It symbolises power to fight against evil, ray of hope, and fidelity.

12. Small Bead Toe Ring:


Want to wear accessories while touring for beaches. A toe ring image made out of small and medium beads of blue shades gives a simplified look to the girls. The design includes three stands with a good combination of blue shades. The design and colour symbolises love, calmness, respect and sensuality.

13. Rajasthani Toe Rings for Wedding:


Want a royal look for your wedding! Try a design inspired by the Rajasthani design jewellery. The toe ring is made with gold and designed with a floral design. The gold toe ring is embossed with tiny designs and a tiny emerald is fixed to add to its beauty. It looks amazing on lehengas with traditional embroidery.

14. Beautiful Pearl Toe Ring:


Looking for a new fashionable design for a toe ring. Try a cute and clumsy design made with sea pearls. The toe ring is made with white pearls of different sizes. It gives a lavishing look over ethnic wear. It is also mostly worn while travelling to islands for holidays. The design symbolises royalty, wealth, health and peace.

15. Baby Feet Design Toe Ring:


Looking for something special to for expecting mother! Try a design made with the feet of a small infant. The design is made it gold and tiny diamonds are studded in it to give a cute and charming look. It is the best gift for baby shower showing love and good luck.

Toe ring design covering the full anklet is also known as page-pain in various parts of Gujarat. The design includes three or four to rings attached to the anklet. The tradition if wearing a toe ring is very important for the South Indians also as for them, it is the symbol of femininity and fertility.