15 Latest Designs of Hermes Belts For Men And Women In Trend

Hermes a popular brand from Paris has given amazing lifestyle luxuries through the wide range of leather and fabric accessories since the 1950s. Among all the products, it is high in the news for the Hermes belt designs it serves with for both men and women. This design can easily identify this brand; symbol “H” determine the identity of Hermes.

Best Hermes Belt Images For Men And Women India:

Here are some furnishing designs of Hermes belt that have been ruling the world of fashion.

1. Belt With Gem Front for Women:

Belt With Gem Front for Women

A black Hermes belt in smooth leather is given a gem work on the front side to make it more adorable. The lock of the belt is fixed with gems that give perfect fitting. This kind of belt mostly preferred by professional women’s those who work in the corporate sector.

2. Dual Mix Women’s Hermes Belt:

Dual Mix Women’s Hermes Belt

When two thin leather belts are mixed to make a single belt, it gives the best Hermes belt women design. The two belts are combined with an infinity knot in the centre and a single opening behind. This style of the belt can use on jeans or skirts; women can prefer this for any party time or celebration functions.

3. Logo Print Design for Men:

Logo Print Design for Men

Hermes belt men designs are given a new design which is formed with the help of cross designing logo prints. The leather belt is a perfect match for formal events and conferences. Logo print attracts the attention of peoples; it gives your fashion statement.

4. Crocodile Belt for Men:

Crocodile Belt for Men

A popular design among the Hermes men’s belt is the crocodile skin belt. The belt is given a thick texture of leather that is inspired by the skin of the crocodile with a decent brown colour which works for both casual and formals. This one little different and if you need a unique style then try this belt for your outfit.

5. Canvas Men’s Belt From Hermes:

Canvas Men’s Belt From Hermes

Men’s Hermes belt designs are given a new moulded touch with canvas material along with a leather base. The belt is given blue and white stripes with stitched endings and a single buckle. This belts mostly useful for regular wear, try this belt on your trouser for a good look. Get some other colours too as per your choice.

6. Dolphin Jumpsuit Belt for Women:

Dolphin Jumpsuit Belt for Women

A Hermes women’s belt widely used over jumpsuits is the dolphin belt. The belt is made with simple leather and canvas with bordered sides and a buckle of two dolphins in gold. This style of the pattern looks a soft touch on this belt; young girls can prefer this belt for their outfit.

7. Diamond Buckle Women Belt:

Diamond Buckle Women Belt

Nothing would decorate the buckles more lavishly as the diamonds. Yes, snakeskin-like the blue belt is given a diamond-studded buckle to give it a true party look on capris, jeans and even one piece. While you check this style in the belt you will get the simple look but buckle gives first look overall pattern.

8. Off White Men’s Belt:

Off White Men’s Belt

Hermes men belt in off white colour is given a terrific look with a whitish-pink buckle on it. The belt is given tiny tucks at the end borders with a zig-zag lining design to give it a perfect grip. These styles of belt you can use on trouser, if you plan for any outing then get this belt for your outfit.

9. Replica Men’s Belt:

Replica Men’s Belt

Replica Hermes belt men have been quite in trend among the young corporates. The belt is given black and white tiny squares that decorate the leather belt with a shiny touch and a buckle with similar effect in shine. Get this belt for your meeting outfit; try to be comforted with this pattern.

10. Ostrich Leather Belt for Women:

Ostrich Leather Belt for Women

Want to have a slight purplish look! Here is a Hermes gift to the young women out there in purple. The belt is made from ostrich leather popular for its smoothness with a dewdrop design on it. These coloured belts are present softness nature; girls like to try different variation while outfitting selection. Young girls can enjoy this design in this colour.

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11. ‘X’ print Men’s Belt Design:

‘X’ print Men’s Belt Design

Leather, when combined with velvet, gives an admiral design for Hermes belt for men. The greyish belt is given an X’ design in the centre in velvet with a dotted look to make the belt look slim and stunning. This looks impressive on formal wear too.

12. Rope Belt for Women:

Rope Belt for Women

Want to look a bit funky in your outing! The Hermes belt women are designed in a similar way to give you that cute effect. The belt is made of fabric covered with tiny springs making ropes with a fluffy design. This is a good belt if you like to make a collection of accessories, try this pattern for your skirt too.

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13. Two Sides Belt for Men:

Two Sides Belt for Men

Want a belt that can be worn with two different styles! Here is a belt design for men from Hermes that provides you with a chance to wear it with two different colours black and brown with two materials canvas and leather.

14. Thick Belt for Women:

Thick Belt for Women

A thick waist belt design gives a suitable combination to the lady’s outfits for outings. The Hermes women’s belt is made with thick leather in brown with a thin white belt on it with a cross design.

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15. Dotted Belt for Women:

Dotted Belt for Women

A favourite belt design liked by the women is the light pink dotted design. The leather belt in pink is decorated with whole shabby design with a silver logo buckle filled with lovely diamonds in it.

The Hermes belt designs have always highlighted the French lifestyle that gives the wearer a modesty look. The brand is also quite popular for the durability it serves along with the colours and designs it has been serving with.