15 Latest Platinum Bracelets in Different Designs

A thin or thick band Klingon on to our hand which gives a pleasant outlook is the Bracelet. Undoubtedly a strand of precious metal the Platinum around our hand makes women go crazy than Men. One of the most exquisite metal is Platinum which brings out elegance when worn by beautiful ladies and manly look when worn by worn. The distinguish feature for both men and women bracelet is the size and design.

Different Types of Platinum Bracelets in Trend:

This article points out top 15 types of the platinum bracelets which are embedded with the exhilarating luxurious stone like diamonds and also plain platinum bracelet with the different type of finishes.

1. Thin Platinum Bracelet with Infinity Symbol for Women:

platinum bracelets

Nowadays the trend of wearing heavy jewelry has passed out. A thin and a fancy jewel accessory has come into play. To that list hits the thin platinum bracelet with the infinity symbol attached in between the metal. The infinity symbol which depicts eternal love and affection which has become more as fashion than a mathematical equation.

2. Thick Plain Platinum Cuff Bracelet for Men:

Thick Plain platinum Cuff bracelet for Men

Guys like to wear accessory which is easy to wear on and fashionable too. One such hand accessory is the cuff type bracelet. We must have come across many Men in India wearing silver and brass bracelet. But bracelet made from Platinum makes it more valuable and precious.

3. Rectangular Links Diamond Studded Mens Platinum Bracelet:

Rectangular Links Diamond Studded platinum bracelet for Men

Rectangular shaped platinum hand carved or laser cut platinum metal into rectangular shaped is joined to form a bracelet which is highlighted with polished diamonds attached on the corners of the four-sided Rectangle. Due to the size and shape, this type of accessory is worn by Men.

4. Curb Links Thin Bracelet for Women:

Curb links thin Bracelet for Women

A curb link is formed by interlocking the same pieces of a metal link into one another and it has flat outlay appearance when keeping on a surface. This gives a flat appearance and the links lay close to each other. The width is less few millimeters which make it ideal for Women to wear it around her hand.

5. Square Links Platinum Bracelet for Womens:

Square links Platinum Womens Bracelet

In square link bracelet, the platinum metal is shaped into pieces of a square and linked with platinum straight links by soldering the two metals or by using laser technique the square links are joined as chain bracelet. Solitaire diamonds are attached around the four-sided square which gives a glow to the bracelet.

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6. Name Engraved Unisex Platinum Bracelet:

Name engraved Unisex Platinum Bracelet

Name engraved jewelry has gained its popularity among men and women. This type of jewelry piece is used as gift piece during any special occasion. Which he or she share their love among each other. The name is engraved on the center this piece of platinum which is attached to the chain bracelet which can be a simple plain chain or a twisted chain.

7. Bead Linked Platinum Bracelet Mens:

Bead linked platinum Bracelet for Men

In this type of bracelet, small beads are collected to form a chain bracelet with a hook attachment. The beads can be of the circular shape of cylindrical shape. Men wear bead bracelet made from any metal or wood. Women who want to surprise their men by giving a precious gift then this the best choice.

8. Fox tail Platinum Bracelet for Men:

Foxtail Platinum Bracelet for Men

This type of chain resembles an interlacing chain which gives a rich look and also weighs more than the usual bracelet. Then links resemble a fox tail which curves at the end, the end is interlaced together to form a thick bracelet with a hook attachment. This type of bracelet is best suited for Men due to its thickness.

9. Heart Shaped Links Platinum Bracelet for Women:

Heart-shaped links Platinum Bracelet for Women

This type of bracelet is the best gift which men can ever think about as gift to his loved one. The platinum are diced into heart shape into various size usually measuring less than 2mm and in the center of these heart shape a solitaire diamond is attached and these pieces are joined as a bracelet with click attachment.

10. Chain Platinum Bracelet with Pendants for Women:

Chain Platinum bracelet with pendants for Women -11

The plain platinum bracelet does not always go with all occasion.One such occasion is the parties. To be more trendy and cool during a party women prefer to wear fancy and jazzy accessory. One such is the pendant hanging platinum bracelet. A thin platinum chain or linked bracelet is used with the key, hear or ring pendants attached around the bracelet.

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11. Rolo Link Platinum Bracelet for Men:

Rolo Link Platinum Bracelet for Men

This platinum liked rolo bracelet which has identical round links which are joined in a simple alternative sequencing pattern. Which makes a simple looking platinum bracelet. This type of bracelet has a hook attachment or a click attachment around the corners.

12. Micro Pave Platinum-Rose Gold-Diamond Bracelet for Women:

Micro pave Platinum-Rose gold-Diamond Bracelet for Women

This trio combination always brings out wonderful jewel piece. The same combination has been brought out using micro pave technique. The diamonds are studded around the rose gold with a rope of platinum metal around the rose gold which forms a chain bracelet. Micro pave technique is used to set the same sized diamonds in a sequence rather than random placement.

13. Matt Finish Oval Thick Platinum Bracelets for Women:

Matt finish Oval thick Platinum Bracelet for Women

Matt finish gives a smooth finish which women’s find it more attractive. To own variety of jewel design has been always a wish list for all Women. To that goes the oval shaped platinum bracelet which is arranged together by spring attachment one another which forms a band bracelet worn as a party wear accessory along with western clothes.

14. Helical Studded Platinum Diamond Bracelet for Women:

Helical Diamond studded Platinum Bracelet for Women

A helical loop is attached to at the center of a platinum band with a hook attachment. The helical loop has small diamonds attached around adding to the uniqueness of the bracelet

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15. Herring Bone Braided Platinum Bracelets for Men:

Herring Bone braided Platinum Bracelet for Men

This interlacing links in the shape of V has the flat appearance and one side of the bracelet is carved according to the esthetic preference. These links are twisted into a braided design which gives thickness to the bracelet.

Wearing a platinum bracelets, adds a beauty to your hands definitely. But it is also important to find the right type and design of platinum bracelet for her or him. There are a plain platinum bracelets and also mixed precious metal and stone bracelet or two toned which has its own fancy outlook. But owing a plain platinum bracelet will definitely make us grave for another new platinum bracelet!!