15 Modern Gold Necklace Designs in 30 Grams

The gold necklace designs in 30 grams are a great way to get the best jewellery pieces in just a fraction of the cost. The designs listed here are just a stunning lot. You can get the intricate designs done on these jewellery items. It would otherwise cost you a bomb to get the type of intricate design in gold. But in 30 grams of gold, you will be able to get the best at a low cost.

Different Collection Of Gold Necklace Designs In 30 Grams:

Here are the few top 15 gold necklace designs in 30 grams,

1. Thick Necklace in 30 Grams:

Thick Necklace in 30 Grams

Here is a perfect gold necklace design in 30 grams that is suitable for functions. The floral design has a flower pendant with and leaves. The earrings are flower design too with a drop. This one will be a nice choice if you are looking to think the type of gold necklace in 30 grams.

2. Antique Gold Necklace:

Antique Gold Necklace

Get this pretty 30-gram gold necklace that looks antique and traditional. The heavy necklace is a set with earrings and headpiece too. The lovely oval-shaped pendant is beautiful to look at. You will find more collections in the market but this design always best for your dear one, women’s looks really pretty in this design, get this one necklace for your dear one.

3. Choker Style Necklace in 30 Grams:

Choker Style Necklace in 30 Grams

This 30 gm gold necklace design is very traditional with the choker style. You can wear this wonderful piece for important functions and ceremonies. This heavy-looking necklace is cost-effective in 30-gram gold. You can take this as per your customize idea, in this style of pattern customers get their choice of selection like oval, triangular or circular pattern.

4. Large Pendants Necklace:

Large Pendants Necklace

Try this pretty gold necklace set in 30 grams for a cost that is great on your wallet as well. The necklace has little gemstones around it. The earrings with the necklace look very grand. You can get the stone colours of your choice but green and red are the traditional colours used. Combination of green, red and yellow coloured gives south Indian look to women.

5. Heritage 30 Gram Gold Long Necklace:

Heritage Necklace

If you want something that is of the heritage line then these gold long necklace designs in 30 grams are perfect. This necklace is complemented by garnet gems as well as emeralds. The round large earrings are a wonderful way to complete the look. This is finishing well and gives sparkle shiny look in the light; party time wear type of necklace if you are looking then this is the best choice always.

6. Temple Design Necklace:

Temple Design Necklace

This temple jewellery design necklace is great for any religious functions or marriage ceremonies. The leaf-shaped of the necklace continues all the way around the chain. Use of red beads as well as green adds a delicate touch to this lovely pendant. This is the collection in the temple designer necklaces, if you plan something in your budget then go with this pattern. This is best in 30gms necklace collection.

7. Layered Necklace in 30 Grams:

Layered Necklace in 30 Grams

Get a rich look with this layered necklace design that is a gold necklace design in 30 grams. This necklace has four rows of chains that are grouped in two places. Each of these has oval pendants with red gemstones in the centre. It looks good on sari, women are those who love to join parties then they will surely try this type of necklace for their regular party time.

8. Bell Necklace in 30 Grams:

Bell Necklace in 30 Grams

One can get a statement jewellery piece in gold that looks very impressive. The gold necklace within 30 grams is made with gold bells and curved gold shells. The long earrings are wonderful as they have bells hanging too. The heart-shaped gold design adds a nice modern touch to it. This gives a pure traditional look and useful for your festival time evening celebration.

9. Peacock Design Necklace in 30 Gms:

Peacock Design Necklace in 30 Gms

This peacock design necklace is beautiful to look at as it is within the 30gm weight. The long necklace is perfect with the earrings. This 30 grams necklace has a nice peacock pendant with gemstones encrusted in it.

10. Daisy Flower Necklace Design:

Daisy Flower Necklace Design

Try out something that is modern and yet looks perfect with Indian wear. The modern gold necklace within 30 grams is designed with daisy flowers and leaves. The earrings are single daisy flower with leaves including a white gemstone.

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11. Mango Design 30 Grams Gold Necklace:

Mango Design Necklace

This is a nice Indian style necklace based on the mango design. The necklace is heavy and the mango beads all around the necklace add a wonderful look to it. The earrings along with the necklace make a perfect set.

12. Stone Necklace Designs in 30 Grams:

Stone Necklace Designs in 30 Grams

This traditional gold choker necklace design using stones is also a grand piece that you can buy. The gold necklace below 30 grams is worth the price attached to it. The designs here include flowers and gemstone details. You can use this with earrings for any of the marriage functions or religious ceremonies.

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13. South Indian 30 Gm Gold Necklace:

South Indian Gold Necklace in 30Gms

Try out this lovely South Indian design gold necklace that is made from 30 grams gold and green stones. The round necklace design has an all-over pattern. The little gold beads around the necklace are the best thing and it looks very stunning.

14. Butterfly Necklace in 30 Gms:

Butterfly Necklace in 30 Gms

The 30 gms gold necklace designs are perfect for modern styles. You can wear this for occasions where the attire is modern and stylish. The butterfly pendant in the centre is made stunning with a nice red gemstone.

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15. Yellow Gold Temple Necklace:

Yellow Gold Temple Necklace

This modern-looking necklace in yellow gold with temple pendant is perfect for any woman. The oval beads of the necklace are all around the necklace. The temple pendant is large in size and has a gold bead at the bottom.

The latest gold necklace designs in 30 grams are wonderful for its price and the various styles. You can buy these necklaces in a choker style, long length and temple design too.