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15 Simple & Best Round Clock Designs With Images

Are you planning to add a little bit of extra flair and pop to your living room, dining room or even your bedroom? Round clock designs are a perfect way to add a whole lot of style and modernness to your boring life. They not only help you to keep track of time but also help you grab a lot of attention, especially when you welcome guests at your house.

Latest Round Clock Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 15 simple and modern round clock designs with pictures. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Scandinavian Black and Rose Gold Modern Round Wall Clock:

Round Clock Designs

This is a lovely 12” non-ticking round wall clock made out of tough rose gold-finished frame. The design looks absolutely stunning and it’s fully silent non-ticking technology will avoid any sort of distractions. It’s high-quality movements guarantees accurate time and the back nail slot makes it easy to hang on walls.

2. Natural Birch Handmade Modern Round Wall Clock:

Natural Birch Handmade Modern Wall Clock

This is a fairly small round wall clock measuring at just 10″ in diameter. This beautiful handmade clock is made up of real birch hardwood, in the USA. It looks modern and stylish with the laser engraved numerals. The clean looks make it ideal for living rooms.

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3. Ambient Weather Modern Round Wall Clock:

Ambient Weather Modern Wall Clock

This 12” round wall clock is one of the most technologically advanced wall clocks you can find. Made up of shiny aluminium, this round clock is total radio-controlled – thus it automatically synchronises the time several times a day, never needs resetting and accurate to the second. It also includes a dual temperature and humidity sensor to monitor your environment.

4. Modern Round Wall Clock Design:

Modern Wall Clock

This is a fairly big round wall clock measuring at 16″ in diameter. It has large numbers that are easy to read, front glass cover and the frame is totally made up of real wood. Also, super quality Quartz Sweep Movement absolutely guarantees accurate time and totally silent environment. A must-have in your kitchen or bedroom.

5. Classic & Modern Round Wall Clock:

Classic Modern Wall Clock

If you love simple and elegant round wall clock, this is for you. This is very simple, clean, ultra-modern style looking black clock. The round metal frame is black in colour, with easy to read white accents. It can be easily mounted on any wall and is 12” in diameter. Highly recommended for corporate offices.

6. Roman Round Wall Clock Design:

Roman Round Wall Clock

Engraved in Roman numerals, this distressed 24” iron extra large round wall clock is sure to catch you some attention. You will not only keep track of time but of style and fashion. This quality decor will be perfect for any room – be it living, or kitchen or bedroom.

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7. Moving Gear Modern Round Wall Clock:

Moving Gear Modern Wall Clock

This is one unique piece of round wall clock that everyone should own. Measuring at 12″ in diameter, the whole front is mounted with round plate glass. The front of the clock consists of beautiful looking moving gears that are independent of time movement. There is also a lively red second hand.

8. Modern Ribbon Round Clocks:

Ribbon Modern Wall Clock

This 12” round wall clock is one of a kind with its black powder-coated steel ribbons that mark the hours of this modern clock. The silver hands make it easy to read and Quartz clock movement makes the time precise and the clock maintenance free.

9. White Ceramic Modern Wall Clock:

White Ceramic Modern Wall Clock

This 10” small white round wall clock is a work of art. It’s soft white porcelain face and golden hands will make it blend in to any room of yours. Also, it features Quartz movement and is totally silent. A single AA battery is enough to keep it going.

10. Black Metal Modern Wall Clock:

Black Metal Modern Wall Clock

This minimal looking modern round wall clock is created by real-life artists in Cincinnati, Ohio. Fully cut, painted, prepared and assembled in the USA. Made up of aluminium with powder coated edges, the clock features silent continuous movement based clock motor. The clock surface has a semi-gloss finish that can easily be wiped off with a soft cotton cloth and it can be easily hanged onto a wall.

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11. Silk Modern Round Clocks For Wall:

Silk Modern Wall Clock

This silk oversized round wall clock is truly made in Germany. This silk clock is made from high-quality silk, which is also recyclable as solid plastic. The clock includes black as well as white hands for that excellent colour coordination. This creates an intricate, airy and eye-catching design for anyone. Perfect to be given as a gift to someone.

12. Luxury Modern Silent Non-Ticking Round Clocks:

Luxury Modern Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock

This beautiful round wall clock is finished in tough rose gold colour, which shines out as a very attractive design. This 12-inch clock features high-quality movement to give you the most precise and the most accurate time. Also, the silent no-ticking noiseless technology helps to eliminate any sort of distractions for the user. Here it comes with a back nail slot to easily hang it on the walls.

13. Silent Metal Wall Round Clocks:

Silent Metal Wall Clock

This 12-inch round metal wall clock really looks awesome in the blue colour and makes a great decorative piece in your home. The clock face comes in large numbers and an anti-fog glass that makes it easy to see the time. The clock features Quartz movement for accurate time-telling and its silent, no ticking operation ensures a comfortable sleep and better working surroundings, with no disturbance.

14. 3D Modern Round Clock Designs:

3D Modern Wall Clock

This is a very nice looking modern round wall clock. What sets it apart, is it’s minimalist and contemporary style with 3D capsule-shaped lines, acting as the hour markers. The unique matching border, along with the clock hands and lines help the clock to give out a very creative cartoon style illustrative look. The clock is finished in matte with no glass cover.

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15. Big Digit Modern Contemporary Wall Clock:

Big Digit Modern Contemporary Wall Clock

This is one super big round wall clock with extruding digits that mark every hour. The modern and catchy design feels really special and unique. The clock is totally battery operated and will be a great addition to your home decor. It can also serve as a gift to your loved ones.

If you’re really passionate about stylish and modern looking round clock designs, this list is surely going to help you choose the best one for yourself and your family. Rest assured, each one of these will make heads turn and will make you appreciate them more.

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