15 Top Designed Stretchable Blouses with Different Neck Patterns

Nowadays, like readymade work blouse stretchable blouses are available in the market. It is readily stitched and you can buy the one of your choice and size. It is having stretchable material available in all size. You can get a variety of designs in stretchable blouse. The stretchable readymade blouse is effortless to wear and made the task easy. One may remain spellbound when you see the designs available in stretchable blouse. Gone are the days when ladies give blouse pieces to tailors and ladies had to thought much about which pattern to select for her blouse.

Beautiful and Ready-made Stretch Blouses for Sarees:

Currently, everything is readymade available. And the stretchable blouse is not even much expensive. At an affordable price, you can have a good look.

1. Round Neck Stretchable Blouse:

stretchable blouses

It is the black colour net stretchable blouse. Black is the colour on which saree of every colour will get a match. The beautiful pattern is done on the net. This blouse can be used as party wear too. On both sides, the round neck is given. It is best suitable for ladies.

2. Regular and Casual Stretchable Blouse:

Regular and Casual Stretchable Blouse

This golden colour stretchable blouse has a shiny fabric. It is short sleeve and can be used regularly. If you wear red colour net saree with this blouse, it will be fantastic. It will look expensive combination. It will shimmer more in night functions and will look rich.

3. Stretchable Short Sleeve Blouse:

Stretchable Short Sleeve Blouse

It is a royal blue colour stretchable blouse in velvet material. Velvet is a thick fabric and will get comfortable with your body fit. Cotton heavy saree will look bests this with velvet stretchable blouse. It is simple and plain with short sleeve. So the saree should be heavy with it.

4. V Neck Stretchable Blouse:

V Neck Stretchable Blouse

This is a yellow colour stretchable blouse and it is having lacework. Ladies hardly choose yellow colour blouse. As it will get a match with a particular saree only. On the back, it is a V neck. The blouse will appear out to be awesome provided the saree also has lacework. Choose the one with lacework.

5. Stretchable Blouse with zipping:

Stretchable Blouse with Zip

This is a black colour stretchable blouse and it also possesses zip on the neck. It is short sleeve and has transparent material on the neck. It has a high-neck design which will look beautiful heavy saree. It is defined to be made for decorous saree.

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6. Stretchable Blouse in Hosiery:

Stretchable Blouse in Hosiery

This stretchable blouse is in red colour having some different neck pattern. It is in hosiery material. As it is in the net fabric on neck and sleeve, one should wear inner accordingly. This blouse is looking awesome on slim ladies. She will appear out to be glorious.

7. Multi-colour Stretchable Blouse:

Multicolor Stretchable Blouse

This stretchable blouse is in multicolour. It has a typical round neck and short sleeve. But it is something different from the regular plain stretchable blouse. As it is printed, you should wear plain saree with this. Printed stretchable blouse will look unique. Have the one.

8. Cap Sleeve Stretchable Blouse:

Cap Sleeve Stretchable Blouse

This is a green colour stretchable blouse with cap sleeve. Orange colour saree will look unique combination with this blouse. It is a plain blouse in collar style. It will look graceful on you and pleasingly ingenious. It is stylish in appearance. Pair it with an attractive saree and notice your praise in people’s eyes.

9. Latest Stretchable Blouse:

Latest Stretchable Blouse

It is a quarter sleeve latest design in stretchable blouse. The neck pattern is so much adorning that you won’t need to wear a necklace over it. A saree with embroidery work will look gorgeous on it. It is a party wears design in blouse. The design is such a glorious.

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10. Plain Stretchable Blouse:

Plain Stretchable Blouse

It is the neat and clean silver stretchable blouse. It is so simple and plain blouse. It is a habit of ladies to keep one silver blouse to use it in urgency. As silver colour blouse will match well with many colours of saree. It will be giving stunning personality to ladies in parties.

11. Leaf Pattern Stretchable Blouse:

Leaf Pattern Stretchable Blouse

This is a highly impressive maroon colour stretchable blouse. The neck has given leaf pattern with ultra-short sleeve. It will look marvellous and worthy of bringing fame on you. It will be delightful to pair this blouse with heavy border saree.

12. Dual Color Stretchable Blouse:

Dual Color Stretchable Blouse

It is said dual colour stretchable blouse because it is in a combination of red and black colour. It has a cow neck and backside open. It is a half sleeve with a modern cut behind. It will look amazing on ladies. The blouse has got perfect fit so no one can make out that it is readymade.

13. Party Wear Stretchable Blouse:

Party Wear Stretchable Blouse

It is floral print and round neck stretchable blouse. It is party wear blouse. On the back, there is a round shape cut that looks modish. In the party, it will look decorous on you. It is having excellent design giving a magnificent appearance. Ladies will admire you in the party.

14. Long Sleeve Stretchable Blouse:

Long Sleeve Stretchable Blouse

It is a light blue colour stretchable blouse with long sleeve. The colour is very soft. Here the sleeves are of net fabric with flower print. White colour lace work saree will look fabulous with a light blouse. It will have a charming appearance and at the same time, honourable feel too.

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15. Net Fabric Stretchable Blouse:

Net Fabric Stretchable Blouse

This is really gorgeous white colour stretchable blouse. It has nice net fabric. White saree in silk fabric with moti and diamond work with this white blouse will look extremely beautiful. It will shine out at night. It will give you first-class look with a matchless image. It is outstanding.

The stretchable blouse is mostly plain. Still, some stretchable blouse is printed also. Stretch blouse is very comfortable in wearing. It gives you utmost peace and even looks glamorous. It neither has button nor clips. You have to wear it from the upper. It is flexible enough to wear with physical ease. You won’t feel that it is a tight material. Stretchable blouse gets maximum stretched up to 4 times of size. The most common colour ladies choose in the readymade blouse is Gold and Silver.