15 Traditional Gold Pearls Jewelry Designs for Women

Pearl are those freshwater white precious stone which has gained importance among jewelers who deal with designing jewelry set from gold and other precious and semi-precious stone. For jewelers, it is definitely a mighty bliss to work with precious stone like Pearl which brings out beauty and elegance when worn by the feminine group as well as by men who have their lucky stone as a white pearl. In order to give a classy touch combining pearls of different colours like grey rose with the pure metal like Gold could be a mind blowing combination. To get a deep insight into the types of gold pearls jewelry could definitely be a value adding for the readers.

The Best Collections of Gold Pearls Jewelry for Women with Images:

Here we present the top 15 gold pearls jewelry collection for women. These designs are more attractive and traditional, because of the combinations gold and pearl. If you get off one these collections, it’s will be one of the best personal ornament.

1. Single Pearl Gold Earring:

Single Pearl Gold Earring

Elegance and beauty talks by itself, this statement has been proved true through this mighty combination of old with a single middle sized round pearl earrings gold. This is a gold pearl stud which suits well for girls as well as ladies of all age group.

2. Pearl Drop Gold Earring:

Pearl Drop Gold Earring

Girls, as well as ladies, are definitely in love in with those tiny earnings which make them look more elegant and classy. That tiny stud which is made from pearls makes it look more beautiful when combined when designed as a tiny colourful pearl gold earning hanging droplets.

3. Gold Single Pearl Ring:

Gold Single Pearl Ring

Ladies like those accessories which just fits in very well with traditional as well as a western clothing, to that list add on this simple gold ring with a single white pearl studded ring. The gold pearl ring just rises out from the gold like a sun rising out from the cloud.

4. Pearl Gold Necklace:

Pearl Gold Necklace

Gold jewel piece is an all-time favourite among the feminine crowd. To make a simple gold pearl necklace is to a luxurious looking necklace which is achieved through white round pearls. The white thick chain is accompanied by round shiny pearls throughout the neckline giving a wonderful outlook.

5. Gold Chain with Pearl Pendant:

Gold Chain with Pearl Pendant

Young girls and teenagers like those simple thin gold chain from those usual thick gold chains. Pendants are always added on to the gold chain, to give a traditional and modernized touch, a simple round pendant is passed through this gold chain.

6. Gold Small Pearls Attached Hoop Earring:

Gold Small Pearls Attached Hoop Earring

Hoops are always on the list for ladies when it comes to earning shopping. To make it different from the plain gold hoops, some colours can be added to give a different setup. A universal colour could be white and that is definitely white pearl attached gold hoop earring.

7. Gold Pearls Necklace Set:

Gold Pearls Necklace Set

This Gold pearl set is one of the best jewelry for women since they don’t have to shop separately for the necklace and for the earring. To make it easy, designers matched the necklace with earning a set. That is done by adding the round pearl beads too thick gold necklace with a similar hoop earring.

8. Gold Pearl Thin Bracelet:

Gold Pearl Thin Bracelet

A thin jewel piece around that smooth wrist could definitely create a lot of difference than leaving it empty. Girls who like a white and gold combination, for them this simple plain gold chain with pearl attached would be the best pearl bracelet gold option.

9. Pearl Stud Gold Bangle:

Pearl Stud Gold Bangle

For those traditional mindset ladies, this White colour pearl studded bangle set could be an ideal option when it comes to bangle shopping. This type of Bangal can also be called as Kada, which are the usual thick gold piece with a screw attachment.

10. Gold Pearls Beaded Necklace:

Gold Pearls Beaded Necklace

Mix and match combination could be an ideal description of this type of jewel piece made from Gold bead and White round pearl beads. The Gold beads can be either made as a shiny bead or carved using laser cut technology which will definitely add more charm to the gold pearl pendant set.

11. Thick Round Pearls Gold Necklace:

Thick Round Pearls Gold Necklace

Gold necklace is not always in God colour but also designed from white gold metal which gives a different touch to the jewel piece. To make it different from a simple White gold chain, a series of pearl beads are attached along the white gold which is designed using from different sizes of pearl bead giving the ascending to descending order design.

12. Three Strand Pearl Gold Chain:

Three Strand Pearl Gold Chain

In this fashionable era, ladies like changes and different from the usual jewel piece. Designers have correctly recognized and came up with the three strand jewel piece, wherein the gold chain is accompanied by the different type of stone or design. One such stone designed pearl chain in gold jewelry is the three-row pearl necklace with the center pendant.

13. Gold Pearls Choker Bracelet:

Gold Pearls Choker Bracelet

The choker is a neck hugging accessory which suits well with semi-traditional clothing. This choker designed using pure white pearl is an extraordinary design. This choker has tightly packed pearl rows which can be worn easily due to its pull and wear design and has a matching bracelet.

14. Two String Pearl Gold Bracelet:

Two String Pearl Gold Bracelet

The idea of making two bracelets has definitely created the huge difference when it comes to bracelet shopping among ladies. This bracelet made from tightly packed pearl with an oval-shaped off-white pearl at the center is an extremely well-created bracelet design.

15. Gold Pearls Tikka:

Gold Pearl Tikka

Ladies who like to add on accessory around the forehead, for them this pearl tikka could be an ideal choice. This jewelry piece is made from a single row of pearls which drops on the forehead with a gold pendant.

The combination of Gold with precious stone like Pearl is an unbelievable combination which every girl is recommended to have one set in their jewel box. This ideal combination suits well for all colour types as well as for all age group. Selecting a pearl jewel piece take less time than choosing a diamond or colour stone jewel.